Our Story

We are not offering only a trip to visit the main tourist sites, we are offering a glimpse as a different world, filled with many wonderful people and many fascinating cultures.

Experience is everything

In South America alone we have driven over half a million kilometres and as such have extensive knowledge of routes and destinations as well as the people and their cultures.

Before beginning Viva Expeditions we worked for many years running tours, working as tour leaders and guides in South America as well as travelling independently to the furthermost reaches of the continent.

This is the knowledge that enables us to create unique and exciting, well thought out itineraries.

Viva Expeditions was born from our love of South America, our passion for its people, its culture and its landscapes combined with our desire to make South America and all its beauty and mystery accessible to keen travellers who desire a few more creature comforts and quality experiences that what has previously been on offer.

We provide excellent value for money as well as a safe, fun and adventurous atmosphere in which to discover Latin America. We believe it is the little things that make a big difference and as such strive to go that extra mile for each and every one of our wonderful passengers.

Due to the amount of time we have spent and continue to spend in Latin America we know all of suppliers, local operators and other contacts in person.

We have formed many great and long lasting friendships with people from all walks of life. It is these friendships that enable us to be the best we can be.

They share with us their knowledge and experience and offer their ideas and support, they have welcomed us into their homes and their families, and through them we have learnt about the true spirit of South America.

This spirit is reflected in all of our tours. We are not offering only a trip to visit the main tourist sites, we are offering a glimpse as a different world, filled with many wonderful people and many fascinating cultures.

Our team of handpicked guides, tour managers, drivers, consultants, local operators and many others share our passion for South America and our common goal which is to provide mature yet adventurous travellers with active, exciting, safe and great value for money travel options in South America.

We hope your journey with us will delight and inspire you and look forward to sharing these experiences with you in South America.

Brendan Robbers
Brendan Robbers Director
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams Director

Meet the Team

Rachel Williams

Founder & Managing Director

Tara Sutherland

Operations Manager

Emma Johnson

Destination Specialist

Pia Knarston

Destination Specialist

Flavio Stadnik

Relationship Manager

Helen Urban

Sales Support

Kerren Knighton

Destination Specialist

Ersan Fedai

Groups Specialist

Daniella Wards

Destination Specialist

Gau Kurman

Marketing Executive

Melinda Cleaver

Tour Manager

Franco De Antoni

Tour transport & logistics

Laura Pattara

Travel Writer

Group tours & Custom Itineraries by Latin America & Antarctica Travel Experts

Peace of mind

We want you to travel with confidence. Knowing everything is taken care of and all your arrangements are guaranteed. We are with you 24 hours a day, and our team are just a phone call away at any time. So whenever you need us we will be there! We are NZ owned & are TAANZ affiliated.


We use our expertise to offer creative, personalised itineraries that are individually designed for you, based on your preferred style, accommodation and interests. We know Latin America inside out and have all travelled extensively, we also conduct regular checks of our hotels, ships and services to ensure quality.

Real Experiences

Tailor made experiences and small group tours designed for you! We offer the major highlights but also the more off-the-beaten track regions always offering unique experiences and cultural interactions. Uncovering the secrets of Latin America and ensuring you have the trip of a lifetime.

Value for money

All of our tours represent excellent value for money. We work hard to secure the best rates for our guests with no hidden costs, and once booked the services are guaranteed. We are ready to help, with no obligations, in fact we will save you valuable time in planning your incredible journey.

Viva Expeditions was born from our love of Latin America. Our passion for its people, culture and landscapes are felt in all our holidays. Our joy for travel means our destination experts have explored the furthest corners of Latin America and sailed to the coldest regions on Earth, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Our tours will:

  • reveal the natural wonders and the diverse wildlife, seeking the most genuine experiences in some of the most remote places on earth
  • uncover the secrets of Latin America, the myths and mysteries of lost civilizations
  • celebrate the vibrancy, the colours and the passion of the current inhabitants
  • ensure that every day, every moment, every sight, every sound, every taste will challenge and delight your senses

Your stay will be:

  • in boutique properties that bring the culture and vibrancy of Latin America inside the walls of your hotel
  • in hotels that are well located allowing you to step outside the doors and into a world of magic and wonder

Our guarantees are:

  • you can travel with confidence knowing everything is taken care of and all your arrangements are guaranteed
  • we are with you 24 hours a day, and our team are just a phone call away
  • we are real Latin America specialists, we have been there, we have lived and breathed Latin America and we LOVE IT

Above all we want you to love Latin America as much as we do!

It’s the little things
that count.

Embark on a fully escorted Small Group Tour with us to discover the stunning continents of Latin America and Antarctica. A group tour gives you the opportunity to explore these destinations in a fun and exciting environment surrounded by like-minded travellers. All of our small group tours provide the perfect balance between organised sightseeing and free time for independent discovery.

Alternatively our Custom Tours give you the freedom and flexibility to design an itinerary that is perfect for you. Choose from our selection of inspiring independent itineraries here on our website which can be tailored to suit you, or let us know your requirements and our specialists will be happy to design a perfect itinerary to suit your interests, dates and budget.

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