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Cuba is a top destination for lovers of music, culture and life. The country is located on the largest island in the Caribbean and is home to nine breath taking World Heritage Sites including Old Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.

Historic Cuba has been frozen in time for more than half a century, creating an amazing atmosphere and experience for visitors.
Stroll through Havana, a unique and friendly metropolis with 1950s era cars and Spanish colonial architecture. The “frozen in time” feel is real! Explore the huge tobacco plantations of the picturesque Pinar del Rio region and discover where the best tobacco comes from.  
Visit Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba, old cities that are steeped in history and adorned with stunning architecture.  Wander through the cobblestone streets and soak up the beauty and unique culture of Cuba.

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When is the best time to visit Cuba?

The best time to visit Cuba is during the dry season from December to May to enjoy the sun, blue sky and warm weather. People avoid traveling to Cuba between August and October, when there are possibilities of hurricanes. 

Is it safe to travel in Cuba?

There are no significant risks associated with travel to Cuba, although normal safety measures should be taken to ensure personal safety.

Some safety notes: do not take your valuables with you, leave them locked in a safety deposit box; keep your spending money, camera and phone close to you, preferably beneath clothing; do not go to areas where tourists are not expected; always use taxis with official identification.

What power adaptor plug do I need in Cuba?

In Cuba the standard voltage is 110/220 V. The standard frequency is 60 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type A / B / C / L. Please double check with us before you go.

Will I have access to ATM’s in Cuba?

Credit cards are not widely accepted in Cuba and ATMs to withdraw cash and money transfers are limited. It is recommended to contact your bank before the trip in order to make sure that your debit or credit card will be accepted. However, we do recommend that you take enough cash to last throughout the duration of your stay in Cuba, just in case your cards end up not working.

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Some of the main attractions

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Havana, the capital of Cuba was founded by Spanish in the 16th century. Famous for classic American cars clattering along streets and crumbling colonial mansions, Havana offers an intoxicating mix of rhythms, rum, cigars, revolution and history.

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Pinar del Rio

Take a break from the city to get a look at the best Cuban tobacco farms. Cuba is known for growing some of the world’s finest cigar tobacco and this region houses several tobacco factories. Enjoy the stunning scenery of mountains and tropical forests.

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If you would like to spend some time soaking up the sun and enjoying the beaches of the Caribbean then Varadero on the Hicacos peninsula may be the place for you. It is the largest resort in the Caribbean with miles of white sandy beaches.

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Trinidad, also called “the museum city of Cuba” is a picturesque colonial city that offers a window into the past. It was founded in 1514 and since 1988 has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its remarkable colonial buildings.

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Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas is a nature reserve located outside Havana. It is a perfect place to enjoy a day trip and experience the beautiful nature of Cuba. Las Terrazas biosphere came under UNESCO protection in 1984 and currently is home to coffee plantations.

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Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba and is known for grand architecture and its revolutionary past. The city is located close to the Caribbean Sea and is home to many different ethnicities. Visit the San Pedro fort for great views.

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