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Few places in the world are as beautiful or as captivating as New Zealand. One of the pleasures of New Zealand travel is that all of its great treasures are in such close proximity, it makes travelling a breeze.

New Zealand, known also as Aotearoa “The Land of the Long White Cloud’ is a small island nation in the South Pacific. 

Throughout New Zealand, you can find everything from wild, unspoilt wilderness to rich culture and vibrant cities. Find inspiration in towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords or enjoy the peace and quiet as you walk along sandy beaches curled around quiet bays. New Zealand is truly exquisite.    Boasting rich biodiversity and few people, New Zealand is actually bigger than the UK with one-fourteenth of the population. No matter where you go it is easy to escape the crowds and be alone with the natural beauty of New Zealand.

What dominates New Zealand are the sublime forests, mountains, lakes, beaches, and fiords that have made it one of the best hiking and tramping destinations on the planet. New Zealand’s great walks are famous all over the world and everywhere you go you can find paths and trails extending into wilderness areas.

Contributing to our unique identity is our rich Maori culture that is very much alive today in modern-day Aotearoa. Across New Zealand you can hear Māori language being spoken, you can join in a hāngi (Māori feast) or visit a local Marae (meeting house) or perhaps catch a cultural performance with song, dance and a blood-curdling haka (war dance). Māori design is expressed widely in tā moko, Māori tattooing and the delicate artistry of bone, shell and pounamu (greenstone) sculpture.

Overall New Zealand is a spectacular destination that is safe and easy to travel around. The people are known for their warm hospitality and are ready to welcome you!

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