Best Time to Travel

Travelling in South America can be a little confusing, especially as the continent is massive, with many different 'best times' to go. However, the best times to travel in Antarctica are fairly narrow, fitting in between October and March. 

We try and help you out a little with these 'Best Time to Travel' guides. Each guide will give you a brief overview of where to go, what to see, recommend cities and where the wildlife is giving its best show. 

Click on your travel month to get some useful advice. If you are still feeling a little lost or you would prefer some help with travel recommendations, just contact our destination specialists here.




One of the best months for Antarctica expedition cruises and extensive hikes in Patagonia.


A super-hot month for Latin America and Antarctica. Carnaval is here – need we say more?


The start of Spring (and the harvest season). From whales in Antarctica to monarch butterflies in Mexico


Antarctica season is done, but South America still has a lot to offer.


In the north of Latin America, plenty of amazing options lie on a plate for nature and city travellers


As winter creeps on in most of South America, where is the best place to visit?


The entire central section of the Andes is at its climatic prime in this driest month of the year.


High tourist season may be upon us but the chances to get away from it all are plentiful in South America


We bid farewell to the high tourist season. A great time to visit Machu Picchu!


Cheaper, quieter, warmer and more colourful, October is an excellent shoulder month to travel.


Time to kick the main highlights: The climate will be in your favour, as will availability and prices.


December builds up to tourist peak season yet the rewards are jaw-dropping.