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New Zealand is the perfect gateway to explore the Sub Antarctic Islands, with Macquarie Island, Snares Island, as well as the Auckland and Campbell Islands being major highlights. Check out our tours and cruises!

Go where few others have been before! Explore the remote Sub Antarctic Islands. The Snares, Macquarie, Campbell and Auckland Islands have their own unique natural and historic profile. The Snares boast colossal populations of nesting seabirds, the penguin population of Macquarie Island is in the millions. Seals and elephant seals line the shores of Macquarie and Auckland Islands and countless sea and land birds fill the air with their chatter. On Campbell Island, explore the nesting site of the Southern Royal Albatross. Visit the Ross Sea area of Antarctica on this cruise and experience the continent as though you were alone. Infrequently visited by Antarctic cruises the air is dry and cold here and the sun never sets. The ice is thick and vast and scores of seals, penguins and other seabirds patrol the horizon.

Visit penguin rookeries, historic sites, and be wowed by whales, seals and an enormous abundance of bird life.

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