Our brochures are not only designed to showcase the places you can travel to, but provide you with the information needed to book your next adventure of a lifetime. Our brochures feature our Southern Lights by flight, Antarctica Cruises, Antarctica Day Flights and more. 

 All our brochures are digital online interactive flip books which you can also download to PDF.


Southern Lights by Flight Brochure

Learn more about our Southern Lights by Flight departing Christchurch to witness the Aurora Australis.

Antarctica Guide

The ultimate Antarctica guide is a great resource to learn about Antarctica cruises and tours.

Great Southern Flights Brochure

Learn more about our scenic day flights to Antarctica and South Pole departing Australia.

Canadian Arctic Expedition Guide

Learn all about exploring the Canadian Arctic regions by cruise, onboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Ocean Endevour to Antarctica

Cruise to Antarctica on one of the most affordable cruises. Learn more in the Ocean Endeavour brochure.

Antarctica Polar Latitudes

Learn more about our Polar Latitudes cruises with Viva Expeditions to Antarctica here.