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A little bit about Central America

Travel to Central America and experience its huge diversity of cultures and different environments, providing an authentic travel experience.

Whether you want to relax on some of the pristine Caribbean beaches of Mexico and Cuba,  hike around the active volcanoes of Guatemala, Nicaragua and Guatemala, or explore the lush green jungles of Panama and Costa Rica, our Central America tours offer something for everyone. Discover fascinating history, hidden Mayan ruins and charming colonial towns. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of Cuban salsa, or discover the flavours of Mexico. There are limitless ways to delight your senses in this magical and less travelled part of the world.

 Choose from our range of unique trips or contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor the perfect itinerary to suit your requirements. 


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When is the best time to visit Central America?

It depends on the activities you wish to do and on places you want to visit. Throughout the whole year you can visit Central America as there are enough activities to do and places to visit. 

What language do they speak in Central America?

Spanish is the most spoken language in Central America, English being the second most used language.  

What money do they use in Central America?

In most countries in Central America you can use American dollars without much of a problem, however, each country has its own currency.

Belize- Belize dollars BZD, Guatemala- Guatemalan quetzal GTQ, EL Salvador- U.S. dollar USD, Honduras- Honduran lempira HNL, Nicaragua – Nicaraguan córdoba NIO, Costa Rica- Costa Rican colon CRC, Panama- U.S. dollar USD. 

Is it safe to travel in Central America?

The answer is yes, but there are places and situations that are dangerous, however, easily avoidable. Nowadays Central America is highly recognized tourist destination and the government makes sure that the measures are taken to make people feel secure with the help of police in towns, cities and touristic destinations.

Some safety notes: do not take your valuables with you, leave them locked in a safety deposit box; keep your spending money, camera and phone close to you, preferably beneath clothing; do not go to areas where tourists are not expected; always use taxis with official identification.

Do I need visa to travel to Central America?

Travel insurance is compulsory and you should make sure that you have it before you visit South America.

Do I need to get vaccinations for Central America?

Before travelling to Central America it is recommended to visit a medical professional to see which vaccinations are needed for a specific country. Recommended vaccinations are not mandatory, but required vaccinations are. The minimum vaccinations recommended from our side are: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis (A and B), Typhoid, Diphtheria, Cholera, Rabies, and Tetanus.  

How long do I need to travel to Central America?

It depends on your wishes. It is possible to travel few days or spend months discovering Central America. You can just focus on one country or travel through all the countries. We can adapt your itinerary to you wishes and time frame. 

What kind of power adaptor plug do I need for Central America?

Most countries in Central America use European or USA style outlet, however, please visit the link to see the information for a specific country:

Will I be travelling with people from other countries?

Yes as we operate internationally, it can happen that you travel together with people from other countries. 

How many people will be on my trip?

It depends on the tour, however, usually groups consist of 16-20 people. 

How much luggage can I bring?

For internal flights the luggage weight for a piece is limited to 20 kg. 

Can I add an extra night on the beginning or end of my group trip, either before or during the tri

Yes you most certainly can. We can arrange it for you with the help of our team. 

If I am travelling solo, will I be charged a single supplement?

If you are a solo traveller, you can choose between paying single supplement or sharing with someone of the same gender. 

I have special dietary requirements, will they be catered for?

Yes, we will make sure that the hotels and restaurants are aware of the dietary requirements and you will be given meals that fit your diet. 

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Some of the main Attractions

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Pristine white sanded beaches, spicy and colourful cuisine; steamy jungles with hidden mayan ruins; bustling cities; charming colonial villages; there are many faces to magical Mexico.


Guatemala, is home to horizons dotted with volcanoes, lush forests and towns lined with cobblestone streets. It is also considered to be a birthplace of the ancient Maya civilization, one of the most influential cultures in our world’s history.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a well-established nature travel destination and a must see country for ecotourism lovers due to its abundance of natural assets such as active volcanoes, vibrant towns, white sand beaches and unspoiled forests.


Cuba is a top destination for lovers of music, food, culture and life. Visit Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba, old cities that are steeped in history and adorned with stunning architecture explore beautiful countryside discover unique culture.


Belize, a small country in Central America bordering Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, offers some of the most breath-taking scenery in the region including tropical forests, beautiful Caribbean Sea shoreline, a massive Barrier Reef and Mayan ruins


Panama is a country that links Central and South America and divides oceans. Panama is a country that offers uncrowded beaches, magical rainforests and unique wildlife and of course it is home to the famous Panama canal!

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