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A little bit about Drifters Adventure Tours

Africa Safaris in Southern & East Africa using state-of-the-art vehicles and offering both camping and accommodated small group tours.

Drifters Adventure Tours offer safari tours in state-of-the-art vehicles throughout Southern and East Africa, with a range of camping tours and accommodated tours available for small groups of 4 to 17 guests. They also offer private tailor-made guided camping tours to the National Parks of Botswana for small groups of 2 to 12 guests.  They warmly welcome adventurers of all ages, whether embarking on solo expeditions or journeying together, who possess an innate desire to explore, discover, and deeply engage with the captivating beauty, rich culture, and storied history of Africa.

Your tour guides are an important part of your safari experience.  All Drifters tour guides are qualified full-time professionals, that are specifically registered and licensed in order to provide you with an informative, safe and enjoyable experience whatever your choice of safari. Their guides are mature adults who are young at heart and enjoy their work.

These tours (with the exception of the private Botswana safaris) require participation from all group members. This includes assisting with the food preparation, washing of dishes, keeping the vehicle clean and the setting up of camp. Please keep in mind that flexibility and an open mind will greatly contribute to an enjoyable safari.

The countries their tours travel to include: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini (Swaziland), Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

All Drifters Adventure Tours vehicles are designed in a manner that reflects their three decades of experience in the safari industry. Passenger cabin, body work, and storage areas are all custom-built to their specifications, taking passenger safety, comfort and reliability into account. All vehicles are inspected, serviced, and completely re-supplied before each tour departure.

Drifters provide you with all the camping equipment you will need. Tents, chairs, camp beds and much more. They use custom built safari dome tents on their camping tours, which can comfortably accommodate two guests. The tents are made of durable canvas and have mosquito netting already built in.

On camping tours each guest will get their own camp bed for the tour which offers comfortable sleeping while camping in the middle of nowhere. Please note that they do not provide sleeping bags and guests are required to bring their own. 

As the oldest adventure tour company in South Africa their approach to a sustainable future and the implementation of sustainable practices has been the focus since 1983. It remains one of the core values for the company and its employees are driven to ensure a greener future for all. 

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