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South America and Antarctica Travel in March

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  27 February 2019

Best things to do in South America and Antarctica in March

Get your ultimate holiday experience in March on our tours to South America or Antarctica!

The start of Spring (and the harvest season) spells amazing news for travellers heading to Latin America in March. Wildlife migration (from whales in Antarctica to monarch butterflies in Mexico) makes this a truly stunning month to visit for nature lovers and, being the in-between seasonal month means you’ll find plenty to do both in the north and south. Much like September, at the other end of the northern summer, March is a brilliant choice for shoulder-season travels. Cheaper prices and still-manageable crowds in the most famous sites entice discerning adventurers although Easter celebrations may hinder spontaneous travels. Easter is arguably the biggest travel-time for locals, so you’ll still need to book in advance.

Rains in the central Andes continue in March albeit less ferociously as they had been in February. Nevertheless, given that Central America and the southern region of South America are at their prime right now, you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose, avoiding the rainiest regions where some travel may be disrupted. There is one exception to this, however, and that’s Bolivia’s Salar Uyuni. Read on to find out more!

What’s happening in March in South America & Antarctica
  • Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) is celebrated with gusto all over the continent. No matter where you go, you’ll see processions and festivals in all the major cities. We’ve had guests enjoy fantastic Easter vacations in all the major cities so let us know where your heart is set on visiting and we’ll find out the latest happenings.
  • Spring Equinox visits to Chichen Itza are superbly rewarding and given you’ll find idyllic temps in Mexico City and the glorious beaches on the Maya Coast, this is a prime month for extended travels through Mexico’s south.
  • The Autumn foliage in Patagonia is outstanding in March and although temps will drop somewhat this month, it is still a fabulous time for hiking trips, with fewer tourists and more vibrant wilderness.
  • Whale-spotting season reaches its height in Antarctica, with expedition ships cruising further south than at any other time in summer.


Best City Escapes in March

Mexico City, Mexico

Check out our tours and find what else you can do in Mexico.

The yearly monarch butterfly migration to fir forests near Mexico City attracts many dedicated travellers yet given this is an exceptional time of year to visit Mexico anyhow, it just adds to the enticement. The start of Spring will see the city bask in the temps around the mid-20s, the same for the Maya Riviera. A tour of Mexico will see you soak up the best of the country – the most impressive archaeological sites, the vibrant city highlights and even a stint on some ridiculously perfect stretch of beach.

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Mendoza, Argentina

Experience the best wine in one of the World wine capitals- Mendoza. Explore our tours to Argentina.

The first week of March sees Mendoza explode into a frenzy of celebrations that’s worth its weight in Malbec. Mendoza’s Vendimia is one of the largest wine festivals in the world, attracting travellers from all over the world. Concerts, parades, nightly fireworks and an abundance of culinary indulgences make this an ideal month for foodies. The second-last month of the dry season here sees landscapes drenched in stunning colours so you can include plenty of road-trip excursions around this delightful region.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discover beautiful Buenos Aires on our tours to Argentina!

Not many people consider travelling to Buenos Aires in March which is – in our honest opinion – a huge reason to go. Temps are unpredictable but will range between 17 and 26-degree Celsius. In our books, this is a perfect sightseeing climate for a city that offers so much in terms of museums, art galleries, shopping and dining. Given this may just be your ideal entry point to Latin America, consider spending a few extra days here – you’ll be so glad you did.

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Santiago, Chile

Experience Chilean culture during harvest season. Click here to see more of our tours.

Harvest season starts in earnest in the wine-making valleys around Santiago, making this a great month to also visit the Chilean capital. Vendimias are age-old celebrations that are steeped in a lot of history here, making festivals bonafide cultural experiences to boot. There are more than a dozen wine-making regions spread throughout Chile (most of them close to the capital) and all of them host amazing festivals – no matter where you go in the country in March, you’ll find plenty of reasons to raise a glass or two. If you’ve been dreaming of a wine-tasting tour to one of the most celebrated wine-making nations on earth, cement your plans for a journey in March.

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Best Wilderness & Wildlife Experiences in March

The Pantanal & the Amazon, Brazil

Make some great pictures in the Amazon rainforest!

The Pantanal is still magically flooded this month, making it the ideal time for landscape photographers and avid kayakers. There’s still plenty of wildlife to see (not as easily as during the dry season) and you’ll need to be relatively fit for a kayaking journey through its extensive canals but if you’re a lover of ethereal landscapes, then March in the Pantanal will fit the bill. Likewise, in the Amazon, river cruising is at its best now – if this is the way you want to experience the Amazon (in luxurious comfort) this is prime a month to head into the heart of the jungle.

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Whale-shark spotting in Belize

Eager to snorkel with the whale-shark? Check out our tours to Belize.

This is the best month to swim with whale sharks in Belize, a time when clear skies and perfect visibility offer excellent snorkelling and diving. Belize may be less developed than some of its neighbours but, for many, this is precisely the appeal. You’ll find a handful of beautiful resorts and plenty of PADI-certification agencies with impeccable reputations – if you’d love to get certified, travel off the beaten path and see spellbinding whale sharks – Belize in March is your perfect chance.

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San Blas Islands, Panama

Jump in the boat and sail the turquoise seas on our tours to Panama.

Think outside the tourist-trail-box and consider a sailing trip around Panama’s glorious San Blas Islands. This cluster of over 350 tropical havens lies outside the hurricane region so is actually idyllic all year long. However, in March, clear skies and light winds make cruising dreamy beyond words. San Blas is barely even known outside the region yet is absolutely spectacular for an end-of-trip stint of R&R. This is the Caribbean’s hidden secret with turquoise seas, plenty of snorkelling and blinding white sandy beaches.

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Antarctica Tours

Kayak together with the whales in blue Antarctica waters. See our collection of Antarctica cruises here

The cruising season is coming to an end in Antarctica and this is your last chance to see an abundance of migrating whales although you’ll find many of the other wildlife species will have already made a U-turn for the warmer waters in the north. Nevertheless, late-season small-ship cruising to the White Continent is unforgettable – you’ll see plenty of large wildlife, uncrowded landing sites and magnificent sunsets, all for much lower prices than during the height of summer.

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Salar Uyuni, Bolivia

Get a chance to see an incredible view of mirror-like salt flats in Bolivia. 

The rains may well disrupt hiking plans in the central Andes of Peru and Bolivia BUT (yes, it needs a big but) this is the month to experience the mirror-like spectacle of the flooded Bolivian Salt Flats. The out-of-this world Salar Uyuni is magnificent at any time of year yet during the rain season, when the plains fill with water, it can make for a truly spectacular visual feast. It doesn’t last long and it still makes for a logistical driving challenge yet this incredible extreme is one of the most coveted spectacles on earth.

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Planning your holiday trip in March and have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!

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