Pia Knarston

Pia Knarston

Senior Destination Specialist

My first travel adventure was through South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I loved it and caught the ‘travel-bug’. Arriving back in Switzerland, where I grew up, I decided it was time for a career change and started work in a travel agency. I used every opportunity to pack my bag and head off on exciting travel adventures!

I learnt Spanish and then spent one year in Latin America travelling and discovering different cultures, countries, food and practicing my Spanish! My Latin America adventure took me to almost every part of South and Central America; from kayaking in Ushuaia, a Spanish course in Santiago de Chile, getting snowed in trekking the Inca Trail, chewing coca leaves and crawling through tiny tunnels in the Cerro Rico in Bolivia, getting bitten by loads of mosquitos in the Brazilian Pantanal, train rides in Ecuador, Salsa music at the beach in Columbia, climbing an active volcano in Guatemala, scuba diving in Belize to viewing ancient ruins in Mexico.

A few years later, while travelling to NZ again, I got a job at a travel agency in Dunedin. I loved the ‘kiwi lifestyle; and decided to stay. I also met my Kiwi husband and started a family a few years later. I extensively travelled in over 35 countries and each year explore new destinations.

Once a Latin America lover – always a Latin America lover! I love to help others explore and experience the beautiful landscapes and cultures of South and Central America.