Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright

Senior Marketer

I vividly remember my first visit to a travel agent as a child.  Flicking through brightly coloured brochures filled with tantalising teasers of faraway places, it was like a window into another universe had been opened and the possibilities were endless.

With the first seeds of a lifelong love of travel firmly planted, I have jumped at every chance to go somewhere new. Whilst studying Marketing and Psychology at university, I spent my summer holidays travelling around NZ and Europe and a semester studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I met other exchange students from every corner of the globe, and my wanderlust grew and grew.

After graduation the big wide world was waiting, and I landed in the UK for two more years of adventures in and around Europe.

Since then I’ve spent most of my career working in tourism and destination marketing, and can’t think of anything more exciting to be talking about all day! I’ve also become a mum of two small children who love nothing more than joining me for every zoom meeting.

When I’m not working, I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer and home baker, and love exploring in the great outdoors.


 My favourite travel memory

It's so hard to choose just one - every trip has been different and memorable in its own way.

I’m an active traveller – ‘fly and flop’ holidays to well-trodden beaches are not my style, I much prefer to get out and about and absorb as much scenery, culture and adventure as I can possibly fit into my itinerary! From hiking NZ’s most iconic Great Walk, the Milford Track, to cycling through extreme heat in Vietnam, I have fond memories of incredible journeys from all sorts of places.

But often it’s the little things that stick out in my mind, like watching my young daughter hold up her toy rabbit up to the plane window so it can share in her excitement at coming in to land, her eyes aglow just like mine were at the travel agent all those years ago.


 What I like about my job

Creating beautiful content that inspires people to escape their every day and experience the joy of travel, and sharing a laugh with our amazing team of passionate travel experts.


Where I want to go next 

I enjoy the planning and preparation for a trip almost as much as the actual experience and I’m always dreaming of my next big adventure.