Tanya Gurtin

Tanya Gurtin

Africa Product Manager

The first time I travelled overseas was to Australia when I was 7 years old. Although not far from New Zealand, this is where my travel bug started and has only grown since. Since then, I have travelled to around 80 countries (I've lost count!) and lived in Australia, the US, France, and the UK. Along the way, I met my husband (a Frenchman), and we continued our adventures together.

My most memorable trip was after living a few years in the UK; we made the epic journey back to NZ. This took us overland through Europe to Egypt, then from Mexico to Rio. I have so many stories from this trip! From the Ancient history of Jordan, Syria and Egypt to the colourful chicken buses in Guatemala and sticky mud volcanoes in Colombia to the dark nights in Peru and oysters of Chiloe.

My travels have taken me to many parts of Africa as well. From the Lemurs of Madagascar, exploring the deserts of Namibia and calm waters of the Okavango Delta, to rafting the mighty Zambezi River.

I have hiked in cloud forests, walked desert roads, climbed Mount Sinai for sunrise, ridden horses in the high Andes and the Kalahari, cruised the Patagonian fjords, and gotten lost in as many cities as possible!

Do I have a favourite place? No! From the first moment I explored Africa, something in me changed, and now Africa is in my blood. Every time I go, I end up with a new favourite—the space, wildness, and raw beauty soothes my soul.

Aside from that, there is so much to see in Latin America - Mexico always has a special place in my heart - amazing food, indigenous cultures, colourful colonial buildings, and history. Cartagena in Colombia was an unexpected surprise - one of the prettiest cities in South America. The stunning vistas of the Altiplano in Bolivia and high mountain scenery of Peru - these places will blow your mind.

Where do I want to go next? I want to introduce my kids to Latin America, so perhaps Costa Rica to start, a touch of Cuba, before Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Can I squeeze Patagonia and Rio into the same trip?  Of course, I want them to experience the wild magic of Africa as well!

What I love about these continents is the colour, culture, history, and diversity. There is something so special about Africa and Latin America, I highly recommend everyone to visit!