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Team Viva! Introducing Tara Sutherland

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  14 February 2014

Tara Sutherland Viva Expeditions

Hola! I have been fascinated by Latin America since I was a child, reading about the Incas, the Mayans, and basically anything I could find.

As soon as I was old enough I hopped on a plane to Honduras in Central America, where I lived with a local family and attended a very rustic local high school for 6 months. The tin roof of my classroom leaked when it rained, and there was one textbook for 40 students…but they always had smiles on their faces and welcomed me into their lives.

Later, whilst backpacking, I met my future husband, who just happened to be Mexican…and I ended up living in one of the biggest cities in the world, Mexico City! My love for Latin America grew deeper as I explored the colourful towns, jungles, ruins and beaches of Mexico, learnt to cook with chili and chocolate, and to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Since then, my travels have taken me to all seven continents of the world, with some of my favourites including Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cuba, and even Antarctica!

I love to share my passion for Latin America with others, and have been specialising in this area of the travel industry for the last 6 years. Talk to you soon!

Tara Sutherland
P: (+64) 09 889 4214



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