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How to Travel to South America from New Zealand – Which airline to choose?

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  22 February 2018

Here in New Zealand, we are lucky enough to have 2 airlines flying direct from Auckland to South America. 

Which airline to choose?

Well, this will depend largely on where you want to go on your trip and of course your personal preference. It is important to consider your itinerary as a whole before booking any flights and compare the options available. 
The easiest thing to do is to make contact with us and let our New Zealand based team of Latin America travel specialists help you decide what is best. We can provide no-obligation quotes which will allow you to easily compare the options, we will check for special deals on flights and we will make sure all of the connections work perfectly in conjunction with your tour arrangements. 

1. Air New Zealand

The first is a crowd favourite for Kiwi travellers, Air New Zealand, who offer direct flights from Auckland to Buenos Aires in Argentina. These flights depart Auckland up to 3-5 times per week depending on the season. During high season (28 October – 30 March) flights depart 5 times per week on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. During low season (1 April – 28 October) flights depart 3 times per week on Wednesday, Fridays, & Sundays. The flight time is 12 ½ hours, departing Auckland approximately 8.05pm, and arriving in Buenos Aires at approximately 4.50pm. Travel is onboard the modern Dreamliner aircraft with options of economy, premium economy or business class. Once you have arrived in Buenos Aires you can connect with other destinations within Latin America 

Pros to flying with Air New Zealand

All the things we love about Air New Zealand. Great service, great planes, and a really good level of comfort in all cabin types with the extra option of the award-winning Skycouch TM. Air New Zealand offers a great connection with destinations throughout New Zealand and of course you can use and earn Air New Zealand Airpoints on your flights.

Cons to flying with Air New Zealand

A downside is the lack of good connections within South America. Their alliance with Aerolineas Argentinas comes in handy when travelling within Argentina or to select destinations such as Rio in Brazil, Santa Cruz in Bolivia or Santiago in Chile. But they do not offer the strong internal network currently offered by LATAM. Also not offering daily flights does impose some itinerary restrictions.

Air New Zealand is a kiwi favourite offering exceptional service

2. Latam Airlines

The second airline flying direct from New Zealand to South America is LATAM Airlines, who operate a daily direct service between Auckland and Santiago in Chile. The flight time is 11 hours, departing Auckland approximately 6.15 pm, and arriving to Santiago at approximately 1.20 pm. Travel is also onboard the modern Dreamliner aircraft with options of economy or business class. Once you have arrived in Santiago LATAM offers an excellent network of connections throughout Latin America.

Pros to flying with Latam Airlines

LATAM offer an excellent internal network with flights to hundreds of destinations within Latin America. By using their “airpass” you can combine your internal flights with your international air ticket and you will receive great saving on the overall airfare plus really good conditions around flight changes and cancellations. Like Air New Zealand they fly the Dreamliner which offers increased cabin moisture meaning you arrive at your destination feeling much fresher.

Cons to Flying with Latam Airlines

Overall there are very few cons, but you could say that the service and food onboard a LATAM long-haul flights is not quite up to the standards offered by Air New Zealand. 

LATAM offers an extensive internal network

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