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Best places to travel in South America

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  22 April 2024

South America undoubtedly has one of the best places to travel and has options where anyone can find a place that is perfect for their travel style. Whether you want to enjoy nature while being active and go for a hike or you would like to dive into the South American culture and enjoy food or wine tastings or rather learn about the very rich history. This continent can offer the perfect spot for your city trip or beach bum vacation and let's you discover amazing places that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Choose from the list down below which style of travel you prefer and check out our recommendations.

  1. Best places to travel in South America for a city break 
  2. Best places to travel in South America for Foodies
  3. Best places to travel in South America for Walking & Hiking
  4. Best places to travel in South America for Wildlife Experiences 
  5. Best places to travel in South America for History & Culture
  6. Best places to travel in South America for a Beach Holiday


Best places to travel in South America for a city break 

Buenos Aires 

If you would like to have a city break then Buenos Aires is definitely one of the best options to do so. A bustling café scene that spills out onto the street, an abundance of Belle Epoque buildings, and broad avenues lined with trees that lead to blooming urban parks are all things that can be said about the capital city of Argentina. But the native Argentines and immigrant Portenos who make the city their home and give it its unique Buenos Aires flavour are what makes the city the lively capital that it is. Whether it's for asado, tango, literature, art, or fashion, the locals here all inspire strong local passions. 

 Buenos Aires


The city is at the head of a bay port and is bordered by verdant mountains and beaches with white sand. From just about any vantage point, Rio de Janeiro is a sight to behold. However, Rio de Janeiro is not just known for its beautiful landscapes, lush woods, and turquoise waters. Here, the city's personality is shaped by glamour, high fashion, and a carefree spirit. Enjoy the visit to the infamous Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado, take a cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf and explore the artistic neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. And if you arrange your trip to Brazil in February, you can catch the country's colourful Portuguese masquerade that brings in tourists from all over the world during Carnival.


 Rio de Janeiro


Santiago, the capital and largest city of Chile, is nestled in a valley between the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range, both of which are covered in snow. Although it still has many of its colonial structures, this city is now a thriving cultural hub and a modern metropolis.

Get lost in its alleys and you'll stumble upon everything from restaurants to bars to coffee shops to original art galleries to cutting-edge design boutiques to arts and crafts fairs. Don't sleep on Barrio Bellavista if you're a fan of the late hours. Visit one of Chile's numerous museums to learn about the country's fascinating history, or stop by a neighbouring vineyard to sip a bottle of the country's excellent wine.

Santiago de Chile 

Best places to travel in South America for Foodies


Peruvian cuisine stands out because it often mixes traditional ingredients that only grow in this country with culinary traditions that originated in other countries and regions. This global influence makes Peruvian food some of the most interesting in the world. Peruvian fusion cuisine can be found all over Peru and is a dream for every gourmet, but the capital city Lima is particularly known for having a thriving and world-beating culinary scene and so is a must-visit for foodies. 



Best places to travel in South America for Walking & Hiking


The best way to take in Patagonia's majesty, despite its massive size, is on foot. If you want to go on a hiking and walking vacation in South America, Patagonia is the place to go. Patagonia's hiking trails bring you face to face with the region's most jaw-dropping attractions, such as the snow-capped Andes, stunning lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers that seem to hang as if by magic, as well as an abundance of wildlife sightings and a sensational, unforgettable adventure in nature. What are you waiting for? Put your boots on and join us on an unforgettable trip.


 Hiking Patagonia

Best places to travel in South America for Wildlife Experiences 


To witness rare creatures in their natural habitat, the Galapagos Islands are the finest spot to travel. The Galapagos, an archipelago with astounding isolation and biodiversity that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is without a doubt the best place in South America to see wild animals. Marine iguanas, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, and a plethora of other marine and semi-aquatic animals can all be found here but nowhere else on Earth.


Galapagos Iguana 


Another great place to travel for wildlife experiences in South America is the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest. At least 10 percent of all species on Earth have been found in the Amazon, including several species on the verge of extinction and countless mammalian, avian, and reptilian marvels. Seeing the gigantic river otters, sloths, capybaras, and monkeys in the wild for the first time is exciting, but seeing a jaguar, the king of the jungle, with the help of knowledgeable tour guides is truly unforgettable. To fully appreciate the Amazon's beauty and distinctiveness, consider the more than 2,000 kinds of lovely and tuneful birds found there.



Best places to travel in South America for History & Culture

Machu Picchu 

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, located in the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon Basin, is the most important tangible relic of the Inca civilisation and is widely regarded as one of the greatest creative, architectural, and land use achievements of all time. The remarkable archaeological site of "La Ciudadela" (the Citadel), perched at an altitude of more than 2,400 metres above sea level, is in the centre of the 32,592 hectare mixed World Heritage property, which is recognised for outstanding cultural and natural characteristics.

Machu Picchu Peru


Plaza de Armas, the main square of mediaeval Cusco, is the beating heart of the city. By foot, you may get to the San Blas area, where you can explore the cathedral, the Jesuit church, and the 12-angled stone, all within a few minutes. And if you've got the energy, you can keep going up to see the sunset over the Imperial City.

Cusco Peru

Best places to travel in South America for a Beach Holiday


Visit Ilha Grande, a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil that is home to hundreds of beaches and unspoilt remnants of the Atlantic rainforest. As there is only one little town on the island where hotels, cafes, and shops can be found, there are no cars on the island, so visitors may relax and take their time swimming, hiking the forest trails, and exploring the island by boat. Lopes Mendes Beach is one of the best in Brazil, with its white sand, clean water, and emerald ocean.

Brazil Ilha Grande


With its 150 kilometres of coastline and abundance of rainforests, rivers, and beaches, Tayrona National Park is home to a vast variety of mammals and birds, including the critically endangered cotton-topped tamarin. Safe for swimming, the white sand beaches of Canaveral and Arrecifes can be reached via an ecological walk to Piscinita.

Tayrona Colombia

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