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Tour Description

Walk among kings, king penguins that is, on this 22 adventure to take in Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.

On this Antarctica tour you’ll explore the Falkland Islands and it's vast biodiversity, rugged landscape and charismatic locals. On South Georgia Island you will encounter deserted whaling stations and pay your respects at Shackleton’s grave. On days spent at sea aboard the comfortable M/S Expedition, our lecture program will inform you of all the wonders of the Antarctic circle and humpback whale sightings are common from on deck. Elsewhere on the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll encounter king, chinstrap and gentoo penguins as well as get close to whales and playful seals from a Zodiac boat while manoeuvring through towering icebergs and massive glaciers. Prepare to be amazed on this Antarctica cruise.

Viva's Best Bits...

Meet hardy locals and see unique wildlife in the Falkland Islands

"I suggest including South Georgia in your Antarctica itinerary - for the enormous king penguin colonies alone!" Tara, Team Viva

Explore Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica via zodiac and make shore landings, perhaps even kayak, all in one trip!

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Montevideo at any time. Arrival transfer included. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Uruguay's capital city.

Overnight in a hotel in Montevideo

Day 2

Embarkation on the G Expedition begins in the afternoon at the port of Montevideo.

Embark on the G Expedition. Transfer as a group in the early afternoon. The morning is free, take the chance to explore one of Montevideo's colourful neighbourhoods. The evening is spent onboard the ship sailing southwards towards the Falkland Islands.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3-5
At Sea Cruising the South Atlantic Ocean

With course set southeast, become acquainted with the ship. Enjoy the lecture and educational sessions about the extraordinary human and natural history of the Antarctic region.

Spend time on deck to spot wildlife including albatross and possibly whales and dolphins. Relax in the library, grab a drink in the Polar Bear Pub, or make some new friends in the Discovery Lounge.

Attend lectures hosted throughout the day on everything from local wildlife to geology to history. The G Expedition has one of the highest ratios of expedition team members to guests – with one expert for every ten guests there is always someone on hand to answer questions and provide greater insight and appreciation of the world at its extremes. The expedition team is comprised of professional and highly skilled historians, marine biologists, and naturalists who offer keen insight and a unique personal perspective to each and every adventure.

Day 6-7
The Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands present a rare opportunity to witness the biological diversity and magnificent scenery of the southern islands. Penguins and albatrosses are abundant here, and the Falklands are home to the largest Black Browed albatross colony in the world. You can meet the hardy local inhabitants in Port Stanley, whose colourful houses provide contrast to the long dark winters.

Witness the biological diversity and spectacular scenery of the southern islands on a stop at the Falkland Islands. With any luck, catch a glimpse of penguins like the Magellanic, Rockhopper and Gentoo species. Keep a look out for some of the island’s other wildlife like sea lions, king cormorants, black-browed albatross, skuas, night herons, giant petrels, striated caracaras, and sheep

Stop at Port Stanley for an opportunity to meet the hardy local inhabitants whose colourful houses provide contrast to the long dark winters. The town is the capital of the Falkland Islands, most locals head to Stanley to do their shopping, visit the post office, or go golfing. The bomb disposal unit from the Falklands War in 1982 is also in the town as well as several war museums.

Day 8-9
Cruising the Southern Ocean towards South Geogia

Continuing east we set course for South Georgia Island. Our days at sea are filled with lectures in preparation for our landings. Whale watching is a must - so keep your eyes peeled for the many whales that inhabit these waters.

Day 10-13
South Georgia

Home to many interesting sites (including the grave of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton), South Georgia has several former whaling stations and boasts plenty of wildlife. Visit a huge colony of king penguins, a major highlight of this part of the journey. South Georgia is also the home over half of the world's enormous southern elephant seals, the largest of all seals. Keep an eye out for newly birthed southern elephant pups. Weather permitting, enjoy 3-4 days free to explore this island.

South Georgia Island is home to many marvels including Shackleton’s grave, former whaling stations, incredible scenery and prolific wildlife. Weather permitting spend 3-4 full days and opt to explore this island. A huge colony of king penguins is the highlight of this part of the journey. On nearby islands look out for the wandering albatross in their nesting grounds.

South Georgia is also the home over half of the world's enormous southern elephant seals, the largest of all seals. Keep an eye out for newly birthed southern elephant pups alongside their mothers.

Spend four days exploring South Georgia Island if weather permits. Observe a large colony of King penguins, the second largest species of penguin that stand almost 100cm (3 ft) tall. Nearby islands are the nesting grounds for Wandering albatross, a species of albatross that only stays on land to breed and eat. Hopefully in the four days in the area the group will get a chance to spot one of these majestic sea birds during the small amount of time it spends on land.

South Georgia is also the best place in the world to observe the southern elephant seal, the largest breed of seal. The island is home to over half of the world's population of these animals. October is a great time to see newly birthed pups alongside their mothers.

Day 14-15
Cruising to South Shetland Islands and Antarctica

Plotting a southwesterly course across the Scotia Sea, sail for two days, retracing Shackleton's route backwards.

Plotting a southwesterly course across the Scotia Sea, sail for two days the legendary Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands. The waters are rich with nutrients and the long summer days provide the ingredient that is missing most of the year. The result is a complex food chain topped by several species of whales, seals, and seabirds.

Day 16-19
South Shetland Islands

Experience some of the most unique wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery in the South Shetland Islands, just north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Attempt two shore landings per day (weather permitting), and encounter gentoo, chinstrap, and Adélie penguin rookeries; Weddell, crabeater, and leopard seals; and orca, humpback, and minke whales in the cold Antarctic waters. The ship will attempt to reach the Antarctic Peninsula for a landing, weather and ice-permitting.

The peninsula also has a remarkable human history; during the voyage we will learn about some of the most important and dramatic expeditions to this remote corner of the world.

Hop into one of the Expedition’s 14 Zodiacs and take the quick, safe trip from the ship to the shore to encounter the awe-inspiring wilderness of Antarctica. Thanks to the performance of these boats in remote conditions, quick trips to shore are easily accomplished. Get up close to towering icebergs, glaciers and amazing wildlife. Depending on weather conditions these excursions will hopefully happen daily.

Day 20-21
The Drake Passage

Reflect on a memorable adventure and take in some final lectures en route to Ushuaia. Keep a careful look out for a last chance to spot whales.

Turning north, embark upon the 400 mile crossing of the passage that bears the name of the 16th century English explorer Sir Francis Drake. The G Expedition is at home in this part of the Southern Ocean, known for the unimpeded never ending fetch of the winds that encircle the Antarctic.

At some point on the first day, cross the Antarctic Convergence, a meeting of cold polar water flowing north and warmer sub-antarctic water moving in the opposite direction. It is the largest biological barrier on earth and is marked by a change in temperature, salinity and nutrient levels. The north flowing Antarctic waters predominantly sink beneath southward moving sub-antarctic waters. While further south associated areas of mixing and upwelling create an ocean very high in marine productivity.

Wandering, Black-browed and Light-mantled Sooty Albatross, Prion's and Cap Petrels are among some of the species of seabirds that may join the Expedition on the journey towards the South American continent.

Day 22
Ushuaia Depart

This adventure draws to a close. Enjoy your final breakfast on the expedition ship before saying our farewells as we disembark in Ushuaia in the morning.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 20 nights onboard the G Expedition
  • Included Copy 20 1st nights accommodation in Montevideo Uruguay
  • Included Copy 20 Same sex willing to share cabins available, ideal for solo travellers
  • Included Copy 20 All meals, tea, coffee and water whilst onboard, breakfast at hotel
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 Zodiac cruises and shore landings with our expert expedition team
  • Included Copy 20 Lecture and educational programmes
  • Included Copy 20 Arrival and departure transfers
  • Included Copy 20 Waterproof boots supplied for men's USA sized 8-14 & women's USA sized 3-9
  • Included Copy 20 Expedition parka to keep
  • Included Copy 31 Kayaking (additional costs apply - advance bookings required)
  • Included Copy 7 International flights, Gratuities, Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges
  • Included Copy 7 Comprehensive Travel/Medical Insurance (Mandatory)
G Expedition | Antarctic & Arctic Cruise Ship

134 Passengers


  • Included Spot whales and seals while cruising through icebergs on Zodiacs
  • Included Kayaking (additional costs apply - advance bookings required)
  • Included Hiking / Walking in Antarctica
  • Included Meet hardy locals and see unique wildlife in the Falkland Islands
  • Included Explore abandoned whaling stations on South Georgia and visit Shackleton’s grave
  • Included Spend time with Antarctic wildlife - meet King, Adelie, Gentoo and Chinstap penguins
  • Included Lectures on all things Antarctica history, geology and wildlife
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