Galapagos: Grand Majestic | 4 days

From San Cristobal to Santa Cruz
  • Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Small Ship Cruising
  • Wildlife and Nature
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Tour Description

Embark on an unforgettable 4-day Galapagos cruise aboard one of the fastest yachts in the Islands.

This 16 passenger vessel offers the ultimate in luxury cruising with the highest standards of service and amenities. Our Galapagos Islands tour takes in popular visitor sites like Suarez Point, Gardner Bay and Cormorant Point where you can experience the diverse and abundant natural life for which the Galapagos Islands are famous. Either from the ship's sundeck, the comfortable lounge or onshore excursions and dinghy trips. 

Step into a world of natural wonder when you visit Galapagos, as you get up close to curious creatures such as Sally Lightfoot Crabs, flamingos, Nazca boobies and many other species of birds. Swim and snorkel beneath the waves among Marine Iguanas, Sea Lions, rays, scores of tropical fish and if you're lucky you may spot whales or dolphins. The landscape of the Galapagos archipelago tells it's own story. Your Galapagos cruise takes you to geological landmarks, coral reefs, blowholes and beautiful white-sand beaches. Our cruise ship is equipped with kayaks, snorkelling gear, dinghies and an expert guide so that you may experience the Galapagos national park in the perfect way for you.  

Discover the Galapagos and discover another world.

The Grand Majestic offers 4, 5 and 8 day itineraries in the Galapagos Island, please just ask for more info!

Viva's Best Bits...

Swim in beautiful places in the Galapagos and see colorful fish, sea turtles and sea lions, snorkelling gear, wetsuits, and use of an underwater camera is included.

Experience extraordinary encounters with animal species found exclusively in the fascinating world of the Galapagos Islands, including Nazca boobies and Blue Footed boobies.

Embark on a journey through the magical Galapagos archipelago on a modern luxury yacht, one of the fastest in the Galapagos, getting you to your next destination quickly and in comfort.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
San Cristobal Island

Grand Majestic Galapagos Yacht 4 day itinerary

*Galapagos excursions are subject to change without prior notice. Changes in plans may arise due to weather conditions, National Park regulations, or other unforeseen circumstances.

*Please be advised that itinerary modifications due to avian influenza may be in effect until further notice. For additional information, kindly consult your destination specialist.

Arrival in San Cristobal airport and transfer to the boat.

El Junco Lagoon
Located in the highlands 19 kilometers from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, El Junco is located in the caldera of an extinct volcano. Rainwater feeds the lagoon. There are many farms and ranches in this area of San Cristobal Island, and sometime cows can be found near the lagoon.

Day 2
Floreana Island

Post Office Bay
You will land on a beach and head to a spot where 18th century whalers placed a wooden barrel used as an unofficial mail box. The custom continues to this day with Galapagos visitors. So, don’t forget your postcards, and don’t be surprised if the post card arrives to its destination before you even get home!

Baroness Viewing Point
Baroness Viewing Point is a fantastic place to absorb the environment of the Galapagos. Once inhabited by an indulgent baroness and her three lovers, the history of this island is intriguing. The legends about this baroness are associated with a fascinating murder mystery. There are easy trails in this area for exploring the flora and fauna of Floreana.

Cormorant Point
Cormorant Point hosts a large flamingo lagoon where other birds such as common stilts and white-cheeked pintails can also be seen. The beaches on this island are distinct: The Green Beach is named so due to its green color, which comes from a high percentage of olivine crystals in the sand, and the Flour Sand Beach is composed of white coral.

Devil's Crown
You will have a chance to snorkel around Devil’s Crown which is the rocky remains of an offshore volcano sticking out of the water. This is a great location to spot a wide range of marine creatures.

Day 3
Española Island

Suarez Point
On the trail to Suarez Point you will have the chance to spot blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, and Nazca boobies. This island is the breeding site of nearly all of the world’s 12,000 pairs of waved albatrosses. You will also visit a beautiful site on the ocean front where there is a cliff that the large albatrosses use as a launching pad! You will have the chance to see the famous blowhole that spurts sea water into the air. The landscape is great for photography.

Gardner Bay, Gardner Islet & Osborn Islet
This excursion takes you to the spectacular Gardner Bay. After landing, you can walk across a lovely white-sand beach amongst a busy sea lion colony or dive into the water to swim with sea lion pups. You may also see curious mockingbirds on the beach.

Day 4
Santa Cruz Island Baltra Airport Departure

Twin Craters
You will visit the Twin Craters located opposite to each other on both sides of the road leading from Puerto Ayora to Baltra. The name is only figurative; not real craters, these formations were created by the collapse of surface material in underground fissures and chambers. The view is breathtaking.
After this final visit, you will be transferred to the Baltra airport in time for your flight back to the mainland.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 Cabin on board with ensuite
  • Included Copy 31 Cabin upgrades available
  • Included Copy 20 All meals onboard
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 Island sightseeing
  • Included Copy 20 Bilingual National Park Guide
  • Included Copy 20 Snorkeling gear and wetsuits
  • Included Copy 20 Use of kayaks, dinghy rides, underwater cameras, walking sticks
  • Included Copy 31 Transfers airport/yacht/airport in Galapagos
  • Included Copy 7 Galapagos Islands National Park Entrance Fee & TCT USD$220 (Subject to change)
  • Included Copy 7 Return flights to Galapagos Islands

Grand Majestic

16 Passengers


  • Included Bird watching - flamingos, Nazca boobies, blue-footed boobies & many more
  • Included Guided walks through diverse landscapes reveal breathtaking panoramas of the Galapagos archipelago
  • Included Snorkeling - Dive into crystal-clear waters to encounter a vibrant underwater world
  • Included Explore secluded coves, encountering wildlife on dinghy excursions
  • Included Kayaking - paddle at your own pace through the beauty of the Galapagos Islands
  • Included Enjoy gourmet dining experience on board and relax in the jacuzzi on the sun deck
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4 days

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$3,145 USD

Per person, sharing

Based on a stateroom cabin

Departs select Mondays