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Tour Description

Partake in an amazing small group Camping Tour of Uganda!

Uganda, often referred to as "The Pearl of Africa," boasts a remarkable blend of wildlife, natural splendor, and warm-hearted locals, making it a hidden gem within the African continent. This tour presents an opportunity to witness the prominent attractions, including immersive treks through indigenous forests to encounter wild gorillas and chimpanzees. Moreover, we will embark on explorations of expansive waterways, enigmatic mist-covered villages, and the lesser-known marvels such as Tree Climbing Lions, vast herds of hippopotamus, and a diverse array of plains animals.

This unforgettable journey through Uganda is perfect for Africa travel enthusiasts looking to travel as part of a small group tour to Uganda.

Our journey aims to uncover the scenic wonders of Uganda, offering insights into its people and abundant wildlife. Covering approximately 2000 kilometers, some of which may traverse challenging roads, the journey promises unparalleled rewards. The chosen route for each tour may be influenced by weather conditions, road conditions, and local factors, and there is a possibility of running the tour in reverse if necessary. Therefore, clients are advised to maintain flexibility in this regard. Equipped with an open mind and a spontaneous disposition, clients will be able to fully immerse themselves in the magnificent offerings that Uganda has to offer.

This comprehensive circuit takes you on a thrilling adventure. Along the way, you'll be charmed by the warm and friendly people that make Uganda truly special. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a Gorilla Trekking adventure and discover the wonders of Uganda.

If camping is not for you - you have the option to upgrade to accommodated on this tour.  Talk to us about this today!

Video Highlights

Viva's Best Bits...

Sitting with the Mountain Gorillas is a thrilling and awe-inspiring experience you will never forget. Trek through lush forests, encounter majestic mountain gorillas up close, and witness their natural behaviors in their natural habitat.

Discover the wild beauty of Queen Elizabeth National Park! Home to rare tree climbing lions, this diverse safari destination offers thrilling game drives and breathtaking landscapes. An unforgettable African wilderness experience!

Cruise along the mighty Nile River, taking in breath-taking scenery in the region where the longest river in the world comes to life. While in the region you will walk with Chimpanzees and embark on exhilarating game drives.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Entebbe Lake Mburo

Our journey kicks off with a burst of excitement as we depart from our hotel in Entebbe and head southwest, traversing verdant green hills and passing through countless villages.

Along the way, we'll make frequent stops at local markets, including a vibrant drum market, and at the equator, we'll conduct a fun experiment to determine which way water really drains from a bath.

After enjoying lunch at the equator, we'll arrive at our camp in the late afternoon, ready to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Lake Mburo.

Day 2
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

We rise early to explore Lake Mburo National Park on a thrilling game drive. The park, with its sparkling lakes nestled between hills like precious jewels, is renowned for its herds of wild game on the plains and abundant hippos in the lakes.

Leaving the park, we venture through a lush tropical landscape of rolling green hills adorned with banana plantations and market gardens. Keep an eye out for the majestic Ankole cattle with their impressive long horns.

As we journey through remote villages often shrouded in mist, we make our way towards the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

We set up camp at the edge of the forest, eagerly anticipating the gorilla trekking adventure that awaits us the following day.

Day 3-4
Bwindi Gorilla Trek

The gorilla trek is undoubtedly the pinnacle of our tour.

The mountains and tropical forests are spectacular in their own right, but spending time with a group of Mountain Gorillas is an experience that really defies any description. Many people are moved by the obvious kinship we share with these magnificent animals. We split into small groups and trek up into the forest, each group led by a local guide, in search of a different family of gorillas. The going can be quite tough, and you should come prepared for a hike through dense forest, up steep, muddy paths over uneven terrain.

The gorilla permits are limited, with strict rules to minimise the impact on the gorillas, so we allow two days for trekking to ensure everyone gets their chance. You must be prepared to be flexible with the timing and the location of your trek.

On occasions when permits are only available for Day 4, we will visit Lake Bunyoni on Day 3, but where permits are spread over Day 3 and 4, those not trekking have the option to visit a local village, led by a local guide.

The forest also offers fantastic birding.

Day 5-6
Queen Elizabeth National Park Ishasha

Leaving the mountains and forests behind, we descend to the grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Our destination is Ishasha, famous for its elusive tree-climbing lions. However, the park has much more to offer, from incredible bird life to diverse primate species and abundant plains game, including the kob that the lions prey on.

We'll spend two nights here, embarking on extensive game drives and keeping our eyes peeled for lions perched on tall fig trees, a sight that never fails to thrill.

Day 7
Queen Elizabeth National Park Rwenzori Mountains

Today, we traverse the length of Queen Elizabeth National Park, soaking in the stunning scenery and searching for wildlife along the way.

We pass through the Maramagambo Forest and cross the Kazinga Channel, which links Lake Edward and Lake George, before exiting the park in the north.

We make a stop at a viewpoint where we enjoy a picturesque lunch with the majestic Rwenzori Mountains as our backdrop. These "Mountains of the Moon," soaring over 5000m above sea level, are a breathtaking sight with their tropical forest-covered slopes and permanently snow-capped peaks, a true marvel considering their proximity to the equator. Glaciers high up in the mountains are one of the sources of the Nile River.

As the day draws to a close, we set up camp amidst the tea plantations near Fort Portal, ready for our next adventure.

Day 8

We have a long drive today, over some rough roads, so we leave early this morning.

We pass through the luminous green tea plantations surrounding Fort Portal before taking the long road, via Hoima, to Masindi, our stop for the night. Given the long drive and the state of the roads, we don’t camp tonight, staying at a local hotel or lodge.

Day 9-10
Murchison Falls National Park / Victoria Nile

This morning we enter Murchison Falls National Park, where we spend the next two nights.

Here we will track chimpanzees on foot, game drive in the park, view Murchison Falls, and take a boat cruise on the Victoria Nile River.

The program is flexible, depending on the season, road conditions and availability of bookings, but all these activities will be included.

The southern part of the park is heavily forested, great habitat for chimps, with the northern part, where we game drive, open savannah with abundant plains game, including the relatively rare Rothschild’s Giraffe.

Getting to the northern part of the park means crossing the Nile using the ferry at Parra, an adventure all on its own.

Day 11-12
Kalagala Falls

We leave the park early this morning to drive south towards Jinja, near the source of the White Nile where the water pours out of Lake Victoria in a wild torrent.

The area around Jinja is regarded as east Africa’s adventure capital, and we spend a full day here so you have time to participate in any of a number of adventure activities: white water rafting, bungee jumping over the source of the Nile, boat cruises, horse riding, visiting local community projects are all options (own expense).

Day 13

After breakfast, our tour officially comes to an end. However, you have the flexibility to extend your stay in the captivating Kalagala Falls or transfer directly to Entebbe, and we will be happy to make arrangements on your behalf.

Reflect on the incredible memories and unforgettable experiences as you bid farewell to this enchanting corner of Uganda.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 9 nights camping in comfortable dome tents
  • Included Copy 20 3 nights lodge / hotel acommodation
  • Included Copy 31 An upgrade to accommodation is possible, but to ensure availability this should be pre-booked.
  • Included Copy 7 A sleeping bag, towel & pillow are required for this tour, unless you booked the hotel upgrade
  • Included Copy 20 12 breakfasts
  • Included Copy 20 11 lunches
  • Included Copy 20 11 dinners
  • Included Copy 7 alcohol, bottled water, soft drinks, restaurant meals
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 2 licensed, professional tour managers.
  • Included Copy 20 group equipment
  • Included Copy 20 One Chimp permit and park entry fees
  • Included Copy 20 one gorilla trek and one chimpanzee trek.
  • Included Copy 31 Gorilla permits (Gorilla permit rate is currently USD725 per permit - subject to change)
  • Included Copy 7 visas, tips, flights, airport taxes, airport transfers or any optional extras.

Drifters Expedition Vehicle


  • Included Cross the Equator
  • Included Enjoy a game drive through the Lake Mburo National Park
  • Included Trek through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and visit surrounding villages
  • Included Embark on a thrilling gorilla trek (permit to be purchased separately) and trek to see chimpanzees
  • Included Take village walks to immerse in local culture
  • Included Enjoy birding walks in the wilderness
  • Included Take the opportunity to spot tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Included Marvel at the panoramic view of the Rwenzori Mountains
  • Included Witness the awe-inspiring Murchison Falls and enjoy game drives in the Murchison Falls National Park
  • Included Take a boat trip on the Nile River
  • Included Explore Uganda’s adventure capital, Jinja, where numerous exciting options await you.
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