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Tour Description

Partake in an amazing small group Accommodated Tour of Namibia!

Welcome to the land of eternal sunshine, where the arid terrain eagerly awaits rainfall from the heavens. Vast landscapes stretch endlessly for hundreds of kilometers, untouched by human intervention. Here, you'll witness living deserts, mesmerized by the ever-shifting natural hues painting the horizon. Amidst this seemingly harsh environment, witness the remarkable resilience of the flora and fauna thriving against all odds.

Our Namibia Adventure Tour small group accommodated tour goes beyond the well-trodden paths to bring you an extraordinary adventure that explores not only the popular highlights but also takes you to "off the beaten track" destinations seldom visited by mainstream tourism.

Prepare to be awestruck as we venture into the heart of Namibia's hidden gems. Explore remote corners of the country that remain untouched by mass tourism, where you'll find a pristine and untouched beauty that will leave you spellbound. Traverse rugged terrains and discover hidden oases, where life thrives against all odds.

Our journey will take us to lesser-known destinations, allowing you to experience Namibia in its purest form. Encounter secluded landscapes that few have witnessed, where the silence is only broken by the whispers of the wind and the calls of elusive wildlife. This is a chance to truly immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness and forge a deep connection with nature.

Flexibility, a willingness to participate, an awareness of the elements, and a desire for unlimited adventure, are essential in order to best absorb all this tour has to offer.

Viva's Best Bits...

Travel through vast desert to the iconic Spitzkoppe, which is a group of bald granite peaks in the Namib desert. The granite is more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,728 metres above sea level.

The chance to interact with the semi-nomadic members local Himba tribe, before stopping at the base of the Brandberg mountain where you can take a guided hike to the iconic White Lady bushmen paintings.

Embark on an adventure to the Deadvlei, a relic of a bygone era, once a vibrant oasis teeming with life, now a time-honored clay pan encompassed by majestic sand dunes, forming a captivating and ethereal vista.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Our adventure in Namibia begins in the capital city of Windhoek at 14h00.
After a short tour briefing and “meet and greet”, we set off exploring Windhoek, viewing the attractions of the city before ending the day welcoming the warm hospitality at the infamous Joe’s Beerhouse restaurant. Tonight we spend in comfort at our hotel and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Day 2
Namib Desert Reserve

Leaving the city lights behind we enter the heart of the Namib, taking in its vast plains, red dunes, towering mountains and ever changing landscapes. Late afternoon, we reach the Greenfire Desert Camp, a remote camp nestled against a rock outcrop, within a conservancy that forms part of the vast Namib Rand Nature Reserve, and home for the next two nights. The reserve gives life to a variety of desert adapted fauna and flora and many an animal species. Enjoy an extensive walk as well as a day and a night desert drive during our time here.

Day 3
Namib Desert Reserve

We awake to desert vistas that extend further than the eye can see. All animals here exist in completely natural surroundings, and are free to move unrestricted over the full extent of the reserve. Our expert guide will help us understand the unique desert fauna and flora, so today we start off with an ecology walk in this beautiful environment, searching for animals, foot prints, and signs of the behaviour and survival strategies that allow them to exist in these harsh conditions.

During the heat of the day guests have time to relax at the camp, or to explore the surrounding area on foot, should they wish to. Mid-afternoon we depart on a desert drive, up and over the magnificent dunes. As the evening approaches, a traditional sundowner drink is enjoyed while the sun dips over the African landscape. Once dark, we slowly drive back to camp anticipating to encounter some of the nocturnal animals adapted to living in the desert.

Day 4
Sossusvlei Dunes

Setting off early, we enter the Sesriem Canyon and the awesome red Sossusvlei dunes – reputedly the highest in the world.

We transfer into the heart of the dunes, to spend some time climbing these spectacular mountains of sand, before taking a 4×4 transfer into Sossusvlei and Deadvlei – a clay pan characterized by dark dead camel thorn trees against the white pan floor. We explore these truly unique sites on foot, before the 4×4’s take us back to our vehicle. On exiting the park we first make a stop to visit the Sesriem Canyon

Day 5-6

Crossing through Kuiseb Canyon, and the Namib-Naukluft National Park, we make our way to the port town of Walvis Bay, and then on to Swakopmund, where German influence still lingers from late 1800’s, and spend two nights in comfortable accommodation.
We explore this holiday town and its surrounds thoroughly, and enjoy both our evening meals at local restaurants (own expense).

Swakopmund is a must-see for any visitor, and offers guests a variety of adventure activities. Clients have the opportunity to partake in quad biking, sand boarding and skydiving whilst here (own expense). For those that simply want to relax, the town offers a variety of restaurants and shops, where one can get a feel for the local culture.

Day 7
Skeleton Coast Spitzkoppe

Today we head north up the harsh Skeleton Coast, a barren stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, with scattered ship wrecks, littering the beaches.

We visit Cape Cross, a spectacular breeding ground for Cape fur Seals where more than a 100 000 seals take refuge.

We then venture back inland, travelling through the vast desert to the iconic Spitzkoppe, which is a group of bald granite peaks in the Namib desert of Namibia. The granite is more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,728 metres above sea level. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains, before arriving at the lodge early afternoon.

Day 8

After a leisurely start we spend time exploring and climbing the Granite boulders of Spitzkopppe, before venturing through the vast desert to the iconic Brandberg Mountain, the highest mountain in Namibia, en route we make a roadside stop to interact with members the local Himba tribe, before stopping at the base of the Brandberg mountain where take a guided hike to the iconic White Lady bushmen paintings before arriving at the lodge in the late afternoon.

Those interested why not take an optional excursion hoping to encounter the elusive rare desert elephant, before retiring to our rooms snuggled at the foot of the mountain

Day 9-10
Etosha National Park

Today we continue our trip up to Etosha, this journey takes us through breathtaking Damaraland, a region and home of the Damara people. Along the way, we will stop for a roadside lunch before reaching our Lodge for the night.

Making our way further north, we enter the renowned Etosha National Park, arguably the highlight of the tour. Becoming one with nature we enjoy two days of exploring the park. During these days we conduct extensive game drives, visiting little water holes, exploring, letting your senses free, and making the most of our time in the park. (Game drives will be conducted in the Drifters truck ) On one of the days we will shorten the game drive and drive to the world-famous Okekeujo waterhole where we will spend approximately 2 hours, waiting patiently for the animals to come and quench their thirst, before leaving in time to exit the park.

Time permitting; why not take an optional sunset game drive (drinks included) on private land bordering the parks.

Day 11

An early morning, we pack up and begin our journey back to civilization. The drive to Windhoek will take the majority of the day and the tour will officially come to an end in the late afternoon on arrival back in the capital city.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 10 nights hotel / lodge accommodation
  • Included Copy 20 10 breakfasts
  • Included Copy 20 8 lunches
  • Included Copy 20 7 dinners
  • Included Copy 7 alcohol, bottled water and soft drinks
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 2 licensed, professional tour managers
  • Included Copy 20 group equipment
  • Included Copy 20 permits and park entry fees
  • Included Copy 7 visas, tips, flights, airport taxes, airport transfers or any optional extras

Drifters Expedition Vehicle


  • Included Take in the highlights of the Capital as you explore Windhoek on a City Tour
  • Included Be amazed at the spectacular desert landscapes found in Namib Desert private reserve
  • Included Discover the nocturnal animals and spectacular night skies on a Desert night drive
  • Included Get up close to nature on a Desert walk
  • Included Enjoy a 4×4 trip to Sossusvlei where you will see the famous 'Big Daddy' and 'Dune 45'
  • Included Walk along the narrow canyon floor of Sesriem Canyon
  • Included Enjoy the natural beauty found in Walvis Bay and the German colonial-era heritage of Swakopmund
  • Included Visit Cape Cross seal colony, home to one of the largest colonies of Cape fur seals in the world.
  • Included Wildlife spot in Etosha National Park and visit the vast salt pan
  • Included Enjoy a cultural Himba tribe interaction (subject to availability)
  • Included Optional: Quad Biking
  • Included Optional: Dune Boarding
  • Included Optional: Sky diving
  • Included Optional: Marine wildlife boat trip
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