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A little bit about Wildlife Tours

Have a wildlife encounter like no other in the continents of different climates and landscapes ranging from glaciers to deserts. South America is a perfect breeding ground for different animal species including three-toed sloths, giant otters and others.

Visit the Galapagos Islands, overflowing with exotic wildlife, and spy the giant tortoise, flightless cormorant and famous blue-footed booby. Go on an adventure to the Amazon Jungle or Pantanal and spot the rare jaguar, puma or a pink dolphin frolicking in the Amazon River. Not to miss are the amazing colonies of penguins wandering around in Antarctica or fur seals basking on the ice.

 Whether you want to include the option of wildlife viewing in your itinerary or spend most of your trip searching for exotic animals, Viva Expeditions will cater for your wishes and helps to create a perfect journey especially for you!

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