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A little bit about Wildlife and Nature Tours

Our wildlife and nature holidays will take you to some of the most remote and unspoilt regions in the Southern Hemisphere. Discover rich exotic wildlife in Latin America, magnificent marine wildlife in Antarctica and spot spectacular birds in New Zealand.

If wildlife is what you are after it is hard to go past South America.  Places like the Brazilian Pantanal host some of the planet’s greatest biodiversity with species such as the Jaguar, Cayman, Capybara, a myriad of Monkeys, and thousand of exotic bird species.  The lodges located deep in these wild wetlands allow you to experience all of this in the wild. Likewise, the Galapagos Island tug at the heartstrings of wildlife lovers, those who prefer to see unique creatures living in the wildest environment.

But perhaps the ultimate wildlife experience comes when you take a cruise to Antarctica.  An opportunity of a lifetime to encounter remarkable wildlife, such as penguins, seals, whales and orcas, up close and in abundance amidst pristine, awe-inspiring scenery with only a minimal footprint.

New Zealand on the other hand offers the opportunity to connect with nature in a special way.  Ancient Kauri forests provide sanctuary to an enormous range of birdlife, endless coastlines are home to diverse marine wildlife and everywhere you go the silence of nature is not far away.  

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