Why Visit Antarctica?

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  21 June 2018

Top 7 Reasons to GO

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Top 7 reasons to visit Antarctica

As a travel destination, Antarctica is about as hard to reach as it can get. It’s also relatively expensive, requires good planning, a certain amount of time off work and a distinct aptitude for adventure. So why go? Well, ask anyone who’s actually been and they’ll likely start listing 101 reasons you simply cannot miss visiting.

They’ll tell you Antarctica is the most spellbinding place on earth, they’ll wax lyrical about the unique wildlife, the mesmerizing silence and deafening sounds of nature. They’ll tell you about the visual feasting, the sensational Zodiac rides, as well as the kayaking among icebergs, the hiking on ice, the whales and seals and all the penguins. They’ll probably call it a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’... and none of them will be exaggerating.

The real question isn’t ‘why should you visit Antarctica?’

The question is ‘how could you possibly not?!’

1.    To seek the ultimate, out-there adventure

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You don’t need to be a list-ticker or travel bragger to realise that an expedition cruise to Antarctica is the ultimate bucket-list adventure. This destination is so far removed from the rest of the world (not only literally but also metaphorically) that it offers perhaps the last chance left to truly disconnect from modernity and everyday life. As far as adventure travel is concerned, Antarctica  is the mecca by which all others are measured. An unforgettable and truly extraordinary adventure, an expedition to Antarctica is for anyone who dreams of retracing the steps of old-world explorers, to discover the last unspoilt corner of the planet and to indulge in what is often a life-changing experience. 

2. To be overawed by magnificent scenery you won’t find anywhere else

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There are few places where humans can feel utterly overawed by grandiose nature. Antarctica is among them and, in many ways, it’s the most compelling. Gigantic icebergs, endless horizons of ice, frigid waters glistening in the sun and a landscape no photograph could ever really do justice. That’s because everything in Antarctica is huge, magnified and overwhelming. Not many travellers know this about Antarctica yet for those who have been it is arguably the most long-lasting memory. To feel completely insignificant as a living being among all this grandeur.


Antarctica is an enchanting place

Antarctica is an enchanting place

3.    Because icebergs!

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Yes, indeed, Antarctica’s icebergs are among the prime draw of Antarctica. If you normally consider icebergs simply as oversized floating ice cubes that don’t hold much appeal, prepare to be spectacularly surprised. Icebergs are living, thriving beings and among the most mesmerizing sights of all. From growlers and bergy bits to ostentatious monsters the size of buildings, icebergs are absolutely awe-inspiring, as coveted by scientists as they are revered by expedition ship passengers.

4.    To come face to face with sensational land and marine wildlife

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Sure, there are other places in the world where you can see penguins, whales, sea lions and a flurry of birds. But none where you can see them all at once and in such sensational landscapes. Antarctica  is home to some of the most unique and endangered creatures on earth and given its protected status, the wildlife here is not only abundant but also unafraid. Close encounters are common and, even if you are told not to get too close, the penguins and sea lions usually miss the memo, gifting you experiences you simply can’t have anywhere else.


Be amazed by the beautiful Emperor penguins colony

Be amazed by the beautiful Emperor penguins colony

5.    To feel like a National Geographic photographer

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If one thing could be said to be unanimous among Antarctica cruise ship passengers, it would have to be their passion for wildlife and wilderness photography. Funnily enough, not everyone arrives with this incredible passion already honed in but everyone certainly seems to leave with an incentive to do so. Antarctica and all its animal inhabitants are among the most photographic subjects you’ll ever encounter. From the startling ice floes sculpted by frigid winds to mammoth icebergs of every shade of blue. With the stupendous sunsets during the start and end of the tourist season and all the superb wildlife, it seems impossible not to become a buddying photographer in this incomparable destination.

6.    To indulge in unique activities

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Antarctica would have to rate as one of the most experiential travel destinations on our planet. Head here on an ice-strengthened beast of the seas and you won’t just indulge in an incredible cruising adventure but you can also partake in a bunch of exceptional activities. Take a polar plunge if you dare or kayak jaunt in a protected cove brimming with wildlife. In Antarctica, you can wildlife-watch ad infinitum, waddle with penguins and soak up the sun’s rays with lazy Southern elephant seals. You can camp on the ice under a blanket of iridescent stars, make a fascinating visit to a research station and zoom about in Zodiacs exploring every nook. The sheer number of activities on offer by Antarctica expedition ships means active explorers get an endless injection of thrills. All of this, in the world’s most spectacular destination. Why on earth would you not?


Kayaking in Antarctica is an experience of a lifetime

Kayaking in Antarctica is an experience of a lifetime

7.To become an ambassador for this fragile, priceless natural treasure

Antarctica is one of the most fragile places on earth and, according to recent scientific studies, the one that is most susceptible to the consequences of global warming. The situation is much more ominous than previously thought and the ice melt the continent is experiencing, is occurring at its fastest rate ever recorded. The melting of Antarctic ice is the single biggest environmental threat our planet faces and the protection of this incredible natural resource arguably the most important hurdle we face.

Becoming an ambassador for Antarctica and spreading the message of its utmost protection requires first-hand experience and a deep connection to it. So even though this may not be the prime reason why people go, it is the prime reason people should. Antarctica has a pivotal effect on the health of our planet and oceans, and the global climate, things that affect us all, no matter where we live. Visiting Antarctica in order to become utterly devoted to its protection is arguably the most important reason to go.

At Viva Expeditions, we are committed to the protection and preservation of our Antarctic home. We uphold the most stringent restrictions imposed on tourist enterprises in the White Continent and are dedicated to guiding guests on journey that won’t just WOW them but will shake them at their core. Unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime adventures to the spectacular frozen southern end of pour planet. So why not come discover your reasons for visiting Antarctica?

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