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Viva celebrates the Day of the Dead

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  3 November 2016

Viva Expeditions hosted New Zealand travel agents for a fun night celebrating Mexico and the Day of the Dead. 

On Thursday, November 3, Viva Expeditions organized a function to celebrate Mexico and the famous Mexican tradition, Day of the Dead.

The event was visited by approximately 150 travel agents from different travel agencies around New Zealand as well as the Director of the Mexican Tourism Board, the Mexican Ambassador, Air New Zealand, Aeromexico & many travel media.

The event opened with a bang with the dramatic trailer for James Bond Spectre movie and continued in style with great presentations from the Mexican Ambassador, José Gerardo Traslosheros, the Director of the Mexican Tourism Board, Guillermo Eguiarte Bendímez, Air New Zealand & AeroMexico. 

The evening features a margarita booth, a beer fountain, lots of Sangria, and delicious food prepared by the incredible team at Besos Latinos restaurant. Agents lined up for the face painting booth which was a huge hit. And we also flew in New Zealand’s leading Mariachi band from Christchurch for the evening, they were another hit with agents dancing the night away after the main formalities were over.

The function gave a good impression of the stunning country of Mexico, its culture, diversity, nature and its traditions.

Check out some of the pics below .....

Viva Day of the Dead 23


Viva Day of the Dead 1

Guillermo Eguiarte Bendimez, the director of the Mexican Tourism Board

Viva Day of the Dead 4

José Gerardo Traslosheros, Ambassador of Mexico with Rachel Williams

Throughout the evening we could see smiling faces, people making photos and just enjoying themselves.

Viva Day of the Dead 5

Adam Thomas, Christine Wynne-Janes, Tara Sutherland, Rachel Williams

Live mariachi band, dances, margaritas and cervezas created a joyful Mexican atmosphere and made the evening a success!

Viva Day of the Dead 10

Geoff Leslie, Jo Saunderson, Rachel Williams

Viva Expeditions team would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that came to this amazing evening to celebrate the Day of the Dead with us!

Viva Day of the Dead 14

Team Viva: Tara Sutherland, Kitija Jumike, Jo Saunderson, Rachel Williams, Jess Manning, Brendan Robbers


Also, there is a load more great photos on the Viva facebook page and we invite you to check them out. View images here

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