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Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  12 September 2014

Highlights of a day of exploration. 

We went on a family day out with our local operators and friends while travelling in Argentina.  Along with Luis, Laura and their families we went to a town called Tigre about an hour out of Buenos Aires city and from there took a cruise to visit the Delta region. We cruised through the canals of the delta, one of the largest in the world.

Tigre 19

We learnt how the inhabitants of the delta turned it from a swampy area into a developed region with grass paths and canals of fresh water, we passed yacht clubs, waterfront houses on stilts, the house and museum of former Argentina president Sarmiento, who encouraged people to make their homes here. It was really cool to see how people lived on  the river.Tigre 2

 Local people rowing small dingys, wealthy people from Buenos Aires is their posh cruisers, local ferries, tourist boats and out together enjoying the waterways.

Tigre & the Delta, Argentina Travel, Viva Expeditions

One of my favourite things was seeing the supermarket boat that travelled house to house selling its wares.

Tigre 27

We were also lucky enough to visit Isla Descnaso (Rest Island), a private manor & gardens that has a wonderful sculpture trail.

Tigre 71

We had lunch at El Gato Blanco restaurant (The White Cat), it was delicious and Brendan had a monster sized steak. It was a really fun day. Thanks Laura & Luis!

Tigre 46

You can visit Tigre & the Delta as a half day or full day tour from Buenos Aires in shared or private service. The advantage of a private service is that you can choose where you would like to stop for lunch and I definitely recommend El Gato Blanco.

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