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Unique Farming Tours in South America

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  21 September 2018


An historically prominent agricultural continent, South America offers some of the most unique farming experiences in the world. When visiting such illustrious farming destination as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, including a stay in an authentic estancia – a working farm – offers an unrivalled glimpse into the life and trials and some of the hardiest ranchers on earth. Our unique farming experiences in South America don’t just appeal to visiting farmers who wish to gain a greater insight into the working lives of their fellow agriculturists but also appeal to anyone who has an interest in learning more about this most authentic and pivotal aspect of their chosen destination. 



Farmer on his tractor

Farmer on his tractor



South America's farming history... and future

Explore the agriculture pf South America with our tours

Since the days the ancient Incas farmed maize, cacao and chillies, farming life has been at the very core of South American culture and identity. Today, it is still one of the continent’s greatest earners and, despite the immense urbanization, still counts as the main livelihood, and generations-long passion, for millions of people. Considering the fact that demand for South American fresh produce, crop and meat is set to rise exponentially in the future (Latin America – and specifically Argentina and Brazil – are set to be among the world’s most significant farming suppliers) it is no wonder that agritourism is also becoming increasingly popular. Given that country like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are already the major exports of our fresh fruit, vegetable, grains and beef, visitors to the continent are showing their curiosity by demanding more agricultural tours and farming experiences.

To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the most fascinating and rewarding farming experiences South America has to offer. Open to the public and often offering a multitude of hands-on experiences – from cattle-herding on horseback to sheep shearing – our favourite working farms offer a behind-the-scenes look at what real farming life is all about, South American-style. Come for the day or stay for a few, include a day at an agricultural fair and take a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the world’s most prestigious coffee farms and vineyards.

No matter where you go in South America, you are bound to be travelling near a farm offering unique experiences. Simply tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll do our best to include it on your itinerary.

The Pampas, Argentina

Include farming tours to our trips to Argentina.

Livestock is an integral part of farming in Argentina and it is right here that some of the world’s best beef originates. The famed Argentinian steak (larger than the serving platter on which it is placed) is no fable and you barely need to spend half a day in the country to realize that all the fuss about the ‘best beef in the world’ is absolutely on point. The Pampas, inarguably the most prolific farming region in the country, is the main producer of beef, vegetables and cereal crops, accounting for much of the country’s food exports. This is also the birthplace of the revered gaucho, the romanticised cowboy believed to be the most skilled and bravest horseman of all, even awarded UNESCO-heritage listing for being the ‘liveliest equestrian culture in the world’. Gauchos have been celebrated for nearly two centuries in South American folklore and their legendary unruliness, combined with their superb riding skills, have made them household names the world over. The Pampas are immensely fertile lowlands that cover more than three-quarters of a million square kilometres in Argentina, stretching over into the province in Buenos Aires. This means that channelling your inner gaucho and enjoying a thrilling farming Pampas experience is within a few hours’ reach of Argentina’s vibrant capital.

Farming tours with cows

Farming tours with cows


Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

See what else you can do in Patagonia, Argentina or Chile

It’s astonishing to know that farming in harsh and seemingly inhospitable Patagonia has been going strong since the mid-1800s. It is here that you’ll find some of the most authentic and oldest working ranches in the entire continent. Two of the world’s foremost sheep-farming countries, Argentina and Chile, combine to create a powerhouse of production in one of the most visually spectacular regions of the continent. Whether it’s at the Estancia Mercedes in Chile or the Estancia Nibepo Aike in Argentina – close to famed Perito Moreno Glacier – your Patagonian farming experience is set to be epic. So pack your Akubra, jump on a feisty stud (or hop on a bicycle of your prefer a slightly tamer ‘wild’ farming tour adventure) and come get a taste of real rural life in the Patagonian backcountry. Herd in cattle and drive ‘em home, cowboy!

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Santa Catarina & Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Explore the nature and farming in one our tours to Brazil.

Gauchos may be renowned as Argentinian cowboys to outsiders yet, in actual fact, they are legendary figures in several neighbouring countries. In Brazil, you can take a Gaucho do Brasil horse-riding trail that promises to make you a bonafide Gaucho in no-time flat. Or, at the very least, give you buns of steel in 8 unforgettable days. Ideal for those who love the gaucho aspect of a South American farming experience, but not the cattle herding, these incredible multi-day horseback riding adventures – which can also be taken in the stunning Pantanal (amazing!) – offer the once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride and live like a gaucho for a week, whilst traversing some of the remotest wilderness in all of South America. Saddle up your legendary Criollo horse, enjoy authentic estancia hospitality every night and relish in an equestrian vacation that is simply unrivalled.

This is the ride of your life…

Horse riding in the Pantanal

Horse riding in the Pantanal

If you’re interested in more horseback riding experiences, we have a wealth of options for you to choose from: from the ethereal landscapes of the Atacama Desert in Chile to a Coffee Trail Ride in Colombia and even a stunning ride to Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes. Just ask us!

Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil

Discover exotic agriculture of Brazil.

Being the largest exporter of coffee, and having been so for the last 150 years, Brazil is the ideal farm tour destination for lovers of the black liquid gold. The country has been harvesting and exporting the world’s most coveted coffee beans since Francisco de Melo Palheta planted the first coffee crop in 1727, although coffee had been farmed in these lands for centuries before the colonialists ever arrived. There really isn’t a single crop that totally epitomises South America’s farming history like coffee. The most accessible coffee farms for tours are within easy reach of both Rio de Janeiro and Sap Paulo, so including a coffee farming tour in your Brazil itinerary is sweet pickings indeed. On an authentic farming experience here, you can witness the production of coffee from its conception, all the way to the pouring of a steaming cup, learning all about the harvesting, drying and packaging of the bean and how different techniques are used to produce the most intense tastes. An immensely interesting farming experience and, coupled with a lunch of authentic regional specialities, an absolute feast for the taste buds.

Man harvesting coffee on the orchard

Man harvesting coffee on the orchard


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Colonia and Montevideo, Uruguay

Check out for more tours to Uruguay.

For estancia stays way of the beat path, Uruguay just can’t be beaten. That’s because this small and unassuming country (which many people haven’t even heard about) is actually a huge player in the South American farming game. Uruguayans just get on with the job of growing, farming and harvesting and it is here that some of the most authentic farming experiences can be enjoyed. In Uruguay, you don’t only come as a guest, you come to be part of the family, help out with daily farming duties whilst, at the same time, enjoy a bevvy of super cool activities like horseback riding and hiking. The landscapes out here are sensational but, most of all, the warm hospitality of farming Uruguayans is what will stay with you forever.

Sunny day in the Uruguay countryside

Sunny day in the Uruguay countryside

We offer a bevvy of other farming experiences in South America and, as stated above, can organise farm tours and estancia stays almost anywhere on the continent. South America’s amazing farming prowess really is that extensive! For corporate farming experiences or group bookings, we offer specialised farming tours (or horseback riding trails) and can tailor your visit to specifically cater to your personal wishes.

Contact us right here to know more.

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