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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Bolivia

 |  4 May 2020

After travelling extensively through South and Central America, my 6 weeks spent in Bolivia really stands out the most. I started my South America journey in Brazil and travelled through Argentina and northern Chile before crossing from the Atacama Desert in Chile into Bolivia. Bolivia is South America’s poorest country with no ocean or sea, it’s completely landlocked between, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. I think it’s a great country to travel to if you are looking for variety and to get off the beaten path. My time there was constantly spent amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. Here are my top 10 things to see and do in Bolivia:

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Laguna Blanca, Bolivia

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1. Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats)
2. Potosi Mining Tours
3. Amazon rainforest
4. La Paz
5. Laguna Colorada
6. Chiguana Desert
7. Cycle Death Road
8. Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca
9. Train cemetery
10. Sucre

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Traditional Bolivian woman

1) Visit Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats)

Probably one of the main reasons you want to visit Bolivia and the best thing to do in my opinion. The Bolivian Salt Flats is a prehistoric dried out lake that is nearly 11,000-sq-km in size and go on as far the eyes can see and will simply amaze you. This is the largest salt flats in the world that will make you will feel like you have arrived in another world. 

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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2) Potosi Mining Tours

If you are comfortable with tight, dark spaces then I recommend going on a mining tour in Potosi. Your guide will give you your mining gear and first stop will be the miners market to pick up alcohol to give the miners and all the necessities to build dynamite. Once at the mines you will start walking deep inside until the spaces get more and more narrow and you find yourself climbing up and down through tight spaces. While inside your guide will teach about the difficult life of a miner and may even teach you how to make dynamite. You will then actually blow this up whilst inside, which is terrifying and epic at the same time. You will truly get a feel for what its like to be a miner in Potosi.

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Mining Tour, Potosi

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Mining tour, Potosi

3) Amazon Rain Forest

Most people who visit the Amazon tend to go to Brazil or Peru however in Bolivia the Amazon is much cheaper and less crowded with tourists. Most people start their Amazon tour by flying into Rurrenabaque which is the jumping off point to the Bolivian Amazon. I recommend doing the Pampas tour which allows the most opportunity to see the wildlife, such as pink dolphin, caiman, alligators, giant capybara, squirrel monkeys, anacondas and so much more.

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Amazon Rainforest

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4) La Paz

The capital of Bolivia is one of the highest capitals in the world, more than 3,500m above sea level. A unique city where contemporary capitalism meets indigenous traditions. The city has a basin like shape, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is so interesting to look at. While in La Paz, I recommend visits to the witch’s market and San Pedro prison and watching a Cholita wrestling match featuring Bolivian women battling in the most remarkable way.

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La Paz, Bolivia

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5) Laguna Colorada

Something you may want to do as part of your salt flats tour, this remarkably gorgeous lake is one of Bolivia’s most beautiful natural sights. The main thing you will notice about this lake is its bold and stunning red colour caused by algae and red sediment. Make sure you keep your eyes open for the rare flamingos that can be found in this area.

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Laguna Colorada

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Laguna Colorada

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6) Chiguana Desert

The landscapes in Bolivia are endless and Chiguana desert is another spectacular beauty. In this desert there is plenty to see, from strange yet interesting rock formations to a semi-active Volcano called Ollague. Not far from here you can continue to find amazing lagoons, geysers and spectacular views of the Andes mountain range.

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Chiguana Desert

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Chiguana Desert

7) Cycle Death Road

Not for the faint hearted due to the narrow roads and around 600-meter cliff drops. For those seeking adrenalin and adventure, cycling on one of the most dangerous routes in the world, with its spectacular views will get your heart rate pumping. The cycle is 40km long and almost entirely downhill.

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Cycle Death Road


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Cycle Death Road

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8) Walk across Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca

A small island located in the middle of Lake Titicaca is a great place to find beautiful views, serenity and archaeological ruins. I recommend catching the ferry from the lakeside town of Copacabana which will drop you off at one end of the island and then pick you up on the other. The walk is lovely, not so difficult and just a few hours long. For the best experience I would recommend staying overnight in one of the many guest houses available.

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Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca

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9) Train cemetery

The great train yard can be found just outside of Uyuni and here you will find abandoned trains from the 1940’s that have completely rusted over the years by the salt winds. A very popular spot for photographers, I recommend an early visit to avoid the crowds.

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Train Cemetery, Bolivia

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10) Sucre

A UNESCO world heritage site with colonial white coloured architecture, this city is just beautiful to walk around in. With many markets and historical sites, you will really enjoy the relaxed vibe this city has to offer.

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Sucre, Bolivia

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So, there are my top 10 best things to see and do in Bolivia. Now I’ll be honest the cuisine in Bolivia is far from exciting and as a foodie this was my main negative, that being said Bolivia is one of the most fascinating and cheapest countries I have visited. Filled with mesmerizing traditions, interesting history, breath taking landscapes, amazing wildlife and a great place to get off the beaten track, Bolivia is a country like no other! After Bolivia I crossed over to Peru and then on to Colombia which are also incredible countries which you will no doubt see a blog from me about them pretty soon.

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