Polar Plunge for Philzy

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  15 February 2016

Raising money for urgent cancer treatment.

I'm off to Antarctica at the end of the week, a trip I am incredibly excited about.  While there Ill be taking the Polar Plunge in Antarctica to help raise funds for my dear friend Philzys cancer treatment which is not funded in NZ. Help me, help Phil!

Viva Expeditions Antarctic Peninsular Adventure 11 days www.vivaexpeditions 8

My long time friend Philzy has been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. He is only 37 years old and is one of the nicest people I know.
The treatment he requires is not funded in NZ and costs $14,000 per treatment (every 3 weeks), and he will need to be on it for at least a year (and maybe longer). This drug is funded all over the world but not New Zealand, and Pharmac have just announced publically they will continue not to fund it due to the cost, but agrees there is no other alternative to treatment.


Philzy & his wife Siobhan

To help raise the money required for treatment I will be doing the Polar Plunge in Antarctica.
That means I will plunge into the frozen Antarctic waters, and completely submerge myself - brrrrrrrr.
I arrive to Antarctica on 23 Feb and will be there for 11 days during which time the plunge will take place.  Photos will be posted as soon as possible afterwards (one i have thawed out and depending on internet connectivity at the time - it is Antarctica after all)

Please support me and make a secure donation via Give a Little -

You can read more about Philzy and his plight here

Thanks in advance

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