Antarctic Cruise: Pia's Photo Journey

Viva Expeditions  |  27 November 2019

Our destination expert, Pia Knarston, returned home from an Antarctic adventure on the 18th Nov 2019. Pia travelled from the 6th - 15th November on one of the first cruises in the season, the Discovering the 7th Continent cruise. 

Pia said that being among the first passengers to cross the Drake Passage and set foot on the pristine Antarctic Peninsula was quite an unforgettable experience. Also, there is lots of wildlife activity with November coinciding with the mating season for the penguin colonies. Pia said, "Watching the penguins hilariously chase each other across our path was one of the best and funny experiences." Watch Pia's penguin experience below.

Fewer people and lower cruise costs are great incentives to travel to Antarctica in November. This month is best for adventurous and flexible souls who want to channel their inner explorer, the one who wishes to visit undisturbed landing sites. For all our Antarctic cruises, click HERE.


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