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New! Argentina Asado Adventure

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  15 January 2016

This awesome new tour in Buenos Aires is different from your run of the mill tours and will offer you a really authentic experience and a chance to delve deeper into the culture of Argentina.  If you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires you should definitely consider this option - check it out!

The Neighborhood Food Tour: Asado Adventure
The idea is to participate in a typical weekend family asado that Argentina is famous for.  Your guide will take you to the butcher shop, the veggie stand, the bakery, the wine store all the while walking the cobblestone streets of Palermo Viejo, just like a local family would do.

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You then go back to a large private home (not a restaurant) and help prepare the asado.  It is a first-hand experience of learning how to prep the meat, create the salad, build the fire with charcoal and wood, and all the while learning about the neighborhood.

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The tour is an experience where guests can learn about asado customs, and learn more information about the city in a very relaxed atmosphere. And you will be eating a fantastic asado guided by the very capable hands of a master parrillero (local grill master).

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 Enjoy lunch, great Argentinean wines and of course typical hot drink, Mate.

The tour runs from 10am to about 3pm.
The group size is limited to 10 but is normally less, ensuring a highly personalised service & very enjoyable lunch!

Cost: USD 165.- per person (min. 2 people)
Special opening PROMO RATE UNTIL 29/FEB: USD 110.- per person!
Includes: lunch & wine, bilingual guide.

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