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Discover Mexico City Top 10 Must See!

Tara Sutherland

Tara Sutherland  |  20 February 2018

Mexico City, one of the biggest cities on this planet, with over 20 million inhabitants can seem a little overwhelming at first…however it is an amazing city with so much to offer, and should be on any itinerary to Mexico! Viva's suggestion is to plan ahead so you make the best use of your time.

The city is built on an old lake bed, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. What most people forget is that the city is located approx. 2,200m (over 7200 ft) above sea level, so it is definitely not tropical and can get cool in winter, so don’t forget your sweater for the evenings! There are 2 main seasons; dry season from October to May and rainy from June to September (although this generally just means rain for a few hours in the afternoon). Overall March to May is considered the best time to visit, but anytime is great as the climate is mild!

Mexico City is rich in pre-Hispanic history, Colonial-era architecture, alongside modern city offerings. It is a fantastic blend of the old and new, and offers of the best museums, galleries, local cantinas and restaurants around! So where to start….

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Top 10 Experiences in Mexico City:

1. Anthropology Museum 

One of my favourite museums in the world and not to be missed! Explore the beautiful art and history of Mexico with spaces dedicated to the first nomadic tribes of Mexico, through to the Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans and more! Also the home of the stunning “Aztec calendar” Closed Monday

2. Teotihuacan – the pyramids of the sun and moon  

Another must see, visit the ancient site of Teotihuacan, also known as the City of the Gods. Take your walking shoes and a bottle of water and climb the Sun and Moon pyramids and gaze over this ancient site, wondering what life was like once upon a time in Mexico!

3. Coyoacan

Explore one of the old neighbourhoods, stroll through the streets and markets (Make sure you head into the traditional food market and try some amazing tostadas and smoothies!). Great on the weekends!

4. Frida Kahlo Musem 

Former home of Frida, the “Blue House” where you can check out her art. This place is super busy these days, to try to go off peak or pre book a tour!

5. Fine Arts Museum 

The building is a piece of art in itself! Located in the Central Historic area it is famous for exhibiting the art of the famous muralists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo. The Palace is also a great venue for Ballet and other events to check out what is on for your travel dates.

6. Palacio Nacional and Zocalo

Experience the main square (Zocalo), one of the biggest plazas in the world, and don’t miss Diego Riveras murals at the National Place!

7. San Angel

Another old neighbourhood great for a stroll.

8. Xochimilco Canals

A suburb of the history with a very long history, built on the remains of an Aztec city, Xochimilco’s canals and artificial islands are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a bright barge and be rowed around these ancient waterways, no doubt there will be some mariachi around to serenade you! Yes, it can be tacky, but go with a fun Mexico spirit and have a good laugh!

9. Lucha Libre

If Mexican wrestling is your thing, then Mexico City is the home to Lucha Libre, check out an event!

10. Eco Bike 

Too many tacos? Grab a bike at one of the docking stations and peddle your way around the city!


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Where to eat in Mexico City?

With 1000s of great hole in the wall food stalls and restaurants, you are spoiled for choice in Mexico City. For a treat try:

  • Pujol – voted one of the top 50 Restaurants in the world. Mexican
  • Contramar – Mexican, Seafood, great for lunch but busy!
  • Quintonil – Modern Mexican, voted one of the top 50 Restaurants in the world.
  • Restaurante Antiguo San Angel – set in a beautiful old Hacienda

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How to escape in Mexico City?

Ready to head out of the city; take a day trip to the silver mining town of Taxco, and explore the steep and narrow of this charming small colonial city, or head to Cholula, a pre-Columbian archaeological site and one of the oldest cities in the Americas!

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For more info on our Mexico Tours and help in choosing where to go, when to go and what to see and do…contact us today.

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