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A Close Encounter: Face-to-face with a Puma in Torres Del Paine

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  3 August 2014

For me hiking the "W Trek" in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile, is one of my best travel experiences ever. Nothing can prepare you for how overwhelmingly beautiful this place is, it simply takes your breath away.  

The park is dominated by magnificent glaciers, rugged mountain peak and granite spires, evergreen forest, opaque glacial lakes & rivers and wildlife such as condors, guanacos, foxes, abundant bird life and if you are lucky Pumas.

Puma Torres Del Paine

I got lucky one time and it was a magical experience. I was coming around a bend on the Greys Glacier hike when for a moment I came face to face with this elusive predator.  We both froze and spent what seemed like a long time, but was one a second or two, staring into each other eyes before the Puma darted off into the bush. It may sound silly but it felt like we had shared a very special moment.

Torres Del Paine is like that, it talks to your soul. Instead of trekking I always feel like I am being swept along by nature’s raw energy. This is a 4 day hike which can also be broken down and done as 3 separate day hikes.   I have been fortunate enough to enjoy both options numerous times and can’t wait to go again in November this year (I have the best job in the world!).

 Rachel Torres Del Paine

(Please note that I did not take this photo of the Puma, it all happened so quick that there was no time to get out my camera for a selfie with the Puma. The other picture is me in Torres Del Paine.)

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