Where we can take you...

Here's our guide to the countries and regions we know and love. We will help you uncover the real wonders of South America, Central America, Antarctica, the Arctic and New Zealand. By using our expertise to offer creative, personalised itineraries that will challenge your senses and allow you to travel with confidence.  View tours by destination or speak to a destination specialist to start planning your next adventure.


South America

With famous landmarks, Earth’s largest rainforest, Patagonian ice fields, colonial cities and more!


Experience towering icebergs, hike amongst beautiful scenery, meet t curious penguins and more.

Central America

Mayan ruins, stunning beaches, rare birdlife, colonial cities, Central America offers huge diversity.

The Arctic

Home to an extraordinary array of unique wildlife, spellbinding landscapes and indigenous cultures.

New Zealand

Crammed with mystical landscapes, wild unspoiled wilderness, world renowned wine and cuisine.

Southern Lights

Witness the world most spectacular lightshow on Earth, the Aurora Australis, by flight or by land!