Expedition Vehicle

Welcome to the New Generation in Overland Travel
Our “Overland Expedition” vehicles are truly unique. They are custom designed and purpose built with two key factors in mind:

1. Client Comfort
Our vehicles are custom designed with your comfort in mind. We have allowed plenty of space on board such that you do not feel cramped or confined in any way. Our comfortable, reclining coach seats offer ample leg room (we allow 1 metre space between seats while standard spacing is only 85 – 90 cm) and there is plenty of space to move about and stretch your legs.Large panoramic windows offer optimal viewing and there are plenty of onboard services such as a toilet (we are the only overland company in South America providing toilets onboard our vehicles), safe filtered drinking water, refrigerator, library, sound system and much more. Spacious compartments allow us to carry your luggage and souvenirs, and we provide under seat storage for your day bags. Our vehicles are insulated and heated for cooler climates, and contain a cooling system for warmer climates.

2. Strength & Durability
Our vehicles are Scania 93 series, 4x2 trucks, with a minimum 250 horsepower.
Our powerful and strong vehicles enable us to pass through most terrains we may encounter on our journey. While most of the roads in South America are in good condition others can be pot-holed or un-sealed and if wet can be quite muddy. Our vehicles are designed to deal with all of these circumstances without causing disruption to the tour, and to allow us to reach some of the more remote areas for which standard land transport is unsuitable.
We carry ample spare parts, fuel, water and other necessities. Our drivers are trained mechanics whose roles not only include driving but also maintaining the vehicle to a very high standard.

Viva Expeditions own and operate all of our expedition vehicles.

All of our expedition vehicles are equipped with :

  • Comfortable reclining coach seats with seat-belts
  • Onboard Toilet - we are the only overland company in South America with toilets on board our vehicles
  • 12 volt cigarette sockets for recharging camera/video batteries
  • Internal & external lighting 
  • Refrigerator for food and drinks
  • Onboard stereo with adaptors for MP3, I Pod, CD walkmans
  • Intercom system for communication with the crew
  • Extra storage space for excess baggage and souvenirs
  • Internal heating and cooling and full insulation
  • Lockable safe for storage of money, passports and small valuables
  • On board library
  • Professionally compiled expedition medical kit
  • Extensive range of spare parts
  • Tables and chairs for outdoors