We've Loaned Them $840!

 |  7 December 2019

Country - Paraguay 

Amount Donated - $840 NZD

Annually yearly income in Paraguay - $8,400 USD

As part of the Viva Expedition's responsible tourism initiative, we've loaned $840 to a group in Paraguay through a micro-finance scheme. Learn more about our projects here!

The San Miguel group was formed by friends and neighbours of the city of San Pedro. They are entrepreneurial women that are looking for a way to improve their quality of life and that of their loved ones.

One of them is Silvina, who sells handmade products, such as sheets, blankets, quilts, hammocks, hats and clothing. She brings her products from an inland town. She is an entrepreneurial person that is looking for a way to progress and get ahead in life and therefore be able to help her family.

She is requesting this loan to purchase sheets, blankets, quilts, hammocks, hats and more. She appreciates the opportunity to join this group, which will be very helpful to her.

In this group, picture in the banner photograph: Patricia, Maura, Selva, Carmen, Claudia, Lilian, Maria, Diana, Maria, Blanca, Liz, Andresa, Perla, Nancy, Fatima, Rocio, Maria, Ruth, Veronica, Fabiane, Liz, Silvina, Pablina, Lydia


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