The Sartasiñani Communal Bank

 |  1 December 2019

Country - Bolivia

Amount Donated - Finalised

Annually yearly income in Bolivia - $5,500 USD

As part of the Viva Expedition's responsible tourism initiative, we're providing loans to women in underdeveloped countries across South America. Learn more about our projects here!

The Sartasiñani Communal Bank, as part of the Agencia German Busch, is made up of eight members who are friends and neighbours from their area. It is led by a board of directors with Maria as the president.

Maria is 38 years old. She is married with three children. Currently, she has a business selling clothing, men's and women's stockings. She says that she learned this business a long time ago.

The loan she is now taking will be for working capital to buy wholesale clothing that she will buy from La Paz wholesalers and then later sell from her sales stand. This way of working permits her to generate resources to support her family financially. Her aspirations are that her children turn out to be professionals and to have a large sales stand. Maria asks that you trust their communal bank once again.

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