Bridging travel & micro-financing for small businesses

 |  8 April 2020

Country – Paraguay, Luque

 Amount Donated - $230 NZD

 Annually yearly income in Paraguay - $8,400 USD

 A loan of $2,400 helps a member to buy fabrics in bulk to make ready-made clothing and pursue their dream.

As part of the Viva Expedition's responsible tourism initiative, we've loaned $230 to a group in Paraguay through a micro-finance scheme. Learn more about our projects here!

This group is called "Mujeres Emprendedoras". They are hard-working women looking for a way to be able to give their loved ones everything that they could not have and prevent their loved ones from going through any needs.

Among them, Mrs. María is worth highlighting. She makes clothes. She has a modest workshop where she makes a variety of garments. It is through this work that she looks for ways to help her loved ones and that they do not lack anything.

 María is a hard-working woman who does not allow herself to be defeated and fights for her loved ones in order to give them a dignified life.

 She is requesting this loan to buy fabrics in bulk in order to continue with her business and fulfill her clients' orders.

 In this group: Leticia, Cynthia, Alicia, María, Tomasa, Marta, Lourdes, Nathalia, Aurora, Simona, Lilian, Griselda, Anabel, Tomasa


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