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All Blacks Beef & Beer Trip – The Highlights!

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  26 February 2019

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What happens when you combine a world-class rugby game with one of the world’s most enticing cities? A simply unmissable travel experience! The upcoming All Blacks VS Pumas game set to take place in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires is tipped to be the sporting event of the year, with countless Kiwis salivating at the mere thought of an All Blacks holiday in South America. Our aptly-named All Blacks Beef & Beer Trip aims to offer the most comprehensive and dedicated ‘blokes tour’ around – heading to Argentina with a group of mates and want to experience the best in rugby, beer and world-renowned Argentinian beef?

This is the All Blacks VS Pumas tour of champions you need!


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Our 6-day All Blacks Beef and Beer trip are specifically designed for those who are short on time but BIG on desires. It packs an incredible punch over 6 days and includes guided excursions and authentic experiences that showcase the best of Buenos Aires and Argentinian culture. We’ve aimed to include an eclectic mix of well-known highlights (which you won’t want to miss) and more off-beat experiences, like a private tour of an historic livestock market many tourists never get to visit, as well as a craft beer tour discovering one of Buenos Aires’ most underrated treasures and a visit to a ranch to see how the real gauchos work and live.

For blokes and gals who may be headed to Buenos Aires for the first time ever, this tour is unparalleled: you’ll see, taste and experience the best the city has to offer, you’ll enjoy the All Blacks VS Puma game and get an insider’s look into the lesser-known gems of the country. All organised by a team of experts so all you have to do is pack your bags, your appetite and your wanderlust, and come to experience Buenos Aires on a whirlwind trip you’ll NEVER forget.

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All Blacks Beef & Beer Trip – What You’ll See and Do in 6 days


Buenos Aires Highlights 

BA is one of the most exciting and enticing cities in the world, bursting with life and attitude and offering a wealth of exceptional attractions. The main highlights are covered on a half-day guided city tour, right off the bat: this offers a fab overview of the city, helps you get your bearings yet is short enough to leave you an entire afternoon at leisure. We’ll guide you to the historic quarter to visit the main points of interest and show you around the most famous and celebrated neighbourhoods in tows: charming and historic San Telmo, eclectic Palermo, exclusive Puerto Madero, sport-mad and colourful La Boca and elegant Recoleta, with its world-famous cemetery and last resting place of Eva Peron and a long list of illustrious Argentinians. But Buenos Aires is also a city you’ll want to get hopelessly lost in and once you get your bearings, you’ll have time to soak it all up at your own pace.


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Argentinian Culinary Experience

One of the newest and most exciting additions to our tours, our dining experience in Buenos Aires offers not just feasting – which admittedly is awesome enough – but is also fully interactive so you can learn the culinary art of making traditional empanadas and alfajores, all to be enjoyed with a grilled meat feast that’ll blow your mind. The best steaks in the world are famously from Argentina and no visit to the country – let alone an All Blacks Beef and Beer Tour – could ever be complete without the carnivorous feats of a lifetime.


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Livestock Market

The largest cattle market in the country, Liniers, is an impressive place to visit and is particularly coveted by visiting livestock farmers from New Zealand. One of the most fascinating dedicated tours of all, our livestock market tour showcases an incredible piece of Argentina’s history and certainly helps explain why this, above all else, is considered the best beef-capital of the world. As far back as a century ago, ships used to leave Buenos Aires stocked to the brim with export cattle and come right back overloaded with expectant Europeans looking for their pot of ‘New World Gold’. A wonderful insight into the local cattle industry and an unmissable highlight for beef fans – cattle farmers or not.


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Insider’s Craft Beer Tours

Argentina is going through a craft beer revolution right now, the country quietly (but swiftly) rising in international beer ranks. Buenos Aires alone is not home to over 600 craft beer breweries and on our guided private tour you’ll get to taste your way through the best of the best. Beer crafting has had an interesting and hard-fought history here and, to make things interesting, we’ll include a visit to two secret bars (speakeasies) so you can really get a feel (and taste) of this emerging scene in Buenos Aires.


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Traditional Ranch Visit

It is often said that no visit to Argentina could ever be complete without a visit to an estancia (traditional ranch) and we certainly wouldn’t let you leave Buenos Aires without adding this to your itinerary. Leave the big smoke behind for the day and venture off into the expansive pampas to see a side of the country that’ll surely leave you spellbound. The gaucho tradition of Argentina is still very much alive and thriving and on our visit to a local ranch you’ll get to experience it all – a wonderful horsemanship performance, a thrilling horse ride and, to cap it all off, an exceptional traditional BBQ feast. This is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires.


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All Blacks VS Pumas, Game Day!

Our All Blacks Beef & Beer Tour in Buenos Aires includes official match tickets, transport and refreshments on game day. This is, after all, the main reason you’re planning your tour in the first place! This unforgettable international sporting event is the reason you’ll find Buenos Aires at its best in July, the whole country reverberating in excited anticipation.


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Capping off your week in Buenos Aires with the All Blacks game will be the cherry atop the cake yet an evening flight out of the city the next day actually offers one more full day to discover more of the city or any highlights you missed at arrival.

You won’t find a whirlwind 6-day tour that’ll soak up as much action like this – for more details on our All Blacks Beef & Beer Tour to Buenos Aires, click right here.

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