10 Reasons to Visit the Arctic

Tara Sutherland

Tara Sutherland  |  30 September 2021

It is one of the worlds coolest destinations, quite literally. The Arctic, a destination that feels so untouched and an ideal region for many who wish to explore and discover incredible landscapes, rare and beautiful wildlife and interesting culture and history. There are many reasons people choose to cruise and travel around the Arctic and whatever that reason may be, an Arctic expedition will exceed your wildest expectations. Here are 10 reasons to visit the Arctic. 

1. It’s a unique and remote destination

You can’t compare the Arctic to anywhere else on the planet. Small pockets of human life survive in this huge land of ice caps, mountains, and glaciers.

The Arctic is a vast ocean surrounded by land, encompassing European, Canadian, and Russian territories. When the ice melts in the summer, a geologist’s dream emerges. Landscapes which will leave you speechless - ice floes, jagged mountains, icebergs, ice caps, steep-sided valleys, sheer cliffs, huge glaciers and more.



2. Opportunity to See Polar Bears in Natural Environment

Polar bears are an iconic symbol of the Arctic and the Arctic offers travellers the chance of seeing them in the wild. Spot polar bear from an expedition cruise as they roam across vast land and sea ice in search for food.

You can also view polar bears in places like Greenland, Wrangle Island or Franz Josef Land in in Russia and Canada. If the main reason for visiting the Arctic is to witness these majestic animals, then head on a Svalbard expedition cruise.

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Polar bear and cub midnight sun shutterstock 703003783 sm

Polar Bear Viewing


3. Amazing Wildlife

The polar bear is not the only wildlife to see the Arctic! A trip to the Arctic also presents opportunities to see unique and beautiful wildlife like reindeer, Arctic hares and foxes, walruses, blue whales and fin whales. In addition, you will see the cliffs brimming with squawking sea birds in their thousands. There are many hotspots for Arctic fauna, but in our view, one of our favourites is Spitsbergen in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

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4. You can see the Northern Lights

One of the great attractions in the Arctic are the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland are some of the best places to view the Northern Lights.

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Northern lights and mountains HGS 1

Northern Lights

5. A real adventure with exciting activities

The Arctic is a revered destination for the sheer array of activities and adventure. The snow, of course, lends itself to skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding and snowmobiling; and when the ice melts, you can go kayaking and even snorkelling and scuba-diving in some places. 

QuarkExpeditions NWP Epic High Arctic 21A7278 Credit Nicky Souness 800

Kayaking in the Arctic

6. Experience cruising on an Icebreaker

Cruising through the Arctic on a powerful icebreaker feels like the ultimate adventure. Experience as your icebreaker cruise crushes a clear path through multi-year ice up to three meters thick. 

50 years at 90 degrees North

Cruise on an Icebreaker

7. Encounter traditional Inuit culture

Ittoqqortoormiit (pronounced “E-took-a-tour-mit”) is the most isolated town in Greenland with a population of about 450 residents. Experience living Inuit culture in the city where hunting and fishing are still vital for survival or go out for a dog-sledding trip in spring and summer. This is just one place where you can experience indigenous culture in the Arctic regions.

Greenlandic girl in windowMIchelle Valberg Heart of Arctic SMALL

Inuit Culture

8. Father Christmas Lives there

Travelling during the festive season could become even more exciting and enchanting by meeting Father Christmas himself! Some say he lives in the North Pole, while many say his home is in Lapland. In the Finnish Lapland you can visit Santa Claus’ village which is fun for children and adults alike.

santa blog size

Visit Santa Claus

9. You can experience so much in a short time

You can experience a great amount in the far north without using up too much vacation time! You can circumnavigate Spitsbergen in just 11 days, explore Greenland in 9 days by land, sea and air or even visit the North Pole in just 13 days.

By Mats B shutterstock 1504078199 800

Whale watching

10. Reach 90 degrees in the North Pole

The North Pole is the world’s northernmost point. Visiting the North Pole is a rare and unique privilege that few have managed to do but today it is much more expedient and comfortable to reach. You can achieve and reach 90 degrees north and stand on top of the world, an ultimate bucket list experience.

Top of the World 50 years

Stand on top of the world at 90 degrees

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