Chatham Islands in a day: North West & Waitangi

From Auckland Airport to Auckland Airport
  • Stewart Island & Chatham Islands
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Tour Description

Explore North West Chatham Island & Waitangi

Visit one of NZs most authentic destinations, on this exclusive day Chatham Islands day tour.  Visiting the Chatham Islands feels like you have stepped back in time to a place with no supermarkets, retail stores, skyscrapers, traffic jams or McDonald’s.   Consisting of 11 Islands, mostly uninhabited, the Chatham Archipelago is a haven to birdlife and offers a mix of breath-taking scenery, diverse birdlife, unique history and rich culture.

We are offering you the unique opportunity to take to the skies and spend a full day exploring the best the Chatham Islands have to offer. 

On this full day experience; taste the unique local honey and food, explore the Basalt Columns, see historic Mount Manganui Stone Cottage, visit Port Hutt fishing village, the Admiral Gardens, Waitangi and Kōpinga Marae

This is day trip option 2 (there are 3 day trip options), the others are (1) North East & Waitangi, and (3) Pitt Island

Viva's Best Bits...

Visit the basalt columns, located on private land in Ohira Bay, these columns were formed from lava flows around 80 million years ago. The area was also once used as a quarry by Moriori for tool making purposes.

Learn about the history and culture of these remote islands, including a visit to Kopinga marae, the only Moriori marae in the world, containing carvings and works of art by local artists.

Explore the rugged main island of the Chathams in a day, there is time to visit the picturesque Port Hutt, red cliff vistas from Tikitiki lookout and a stop in Waitangi, the main port and settlement on the Chatham Islands, population, a few hundred.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Auckland Airport

Rise & Shine! It's an early start today but will be well worth it.
We depart Auckland Airport at 6am in the morning and take a flight of 2 ½ hours to land on the Chatham Islands.

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the airport and we will depart for the North West side of the island where our exploration begins.

Our first stop is a nearby Honey Apiary, where due disease-free environment and endemic native plants for the bees the result is red-coloured, uniquely flavoured, Chatham Islands honey. We take a walk to check out how the bees are getting on and learn about the honey production and queen bee exporting!

Our next stop on the North West of Rēkohu brings us to a geological wonder - the Basalt Columns located at Ohira Bay. The Basalt Columns are hexagonal columns formed over 80 million years ago and are similar to the famous Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. You will get some great pics here!

Next we arrive at the Stone Cottage. Shrouded by Mount Manganui, Stone Cottage was built by German missionaries in the late 1860’s entirely from local stone and is the oldest dwelling on island. Visit the cottage and enjoy lunch before we head to the Port Hutt fishing village and will see the wreckage of HMNZS Thomas Currell, an auxiliary minesweeper that breached in the shallow port.

Following this we will take a tour of the Admiral Gardens. These gardens have taken over 20 years to establish and is home to an abundance of Chatham Islands native plants. The garden is made for birds, bees & butterflies and you can also enjoy a sculpture trail and walks through the coastal bush.

After the North West part of the Island, we will head into Waitangi town for more exploring. The Tikitiki Lookout is a great spot to overlook the township of Waitangi and the sprawling beach below. Tikitiki Hill walk provides a great lookout over Petre Bay, towards the Red Bluffs.

Heading down into Waitangi Town you will have a short time to go and explore at leisure. Enjoy the township, take some photos or shoot down to the local pub for a quick drink.

Our last stop is Kopinga Marae where we will have dinner and a cultural tour. Kōpinga Marae, is the only Moriori marae in the world and is the central base for the revitalization of Moriori culture and language. A guided tour of Kōpinga will leave you inspired by the history of Moriori people.

For dinner enjoy some typical Chatham Islands dishes and warm hospitality before we head back to the airport for an 8.00pm departure. It will be a late arrival back into Auckland, but you will take home with you memories of an incredible place like no other, the magical Chatham Islands.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 Lunch & Dinner
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 Return flights Auckland / Chatham Islands / Auckland, min 40 passengers to operate
  • Included Copy 20 All tours as mentioned in the tour itinerary
  • Included Copy 20 Tour guide
  • Included Copy 20 Bus transportation on the island.
  • Included Copy 20 Maximum group size 22 (50 on flight)
  • Included Copy 7 Drinks, travel insurance (recommended)
ATR 72


  • Included Explore Chatham Islands in one full day
  • Included See hexagonal Basalt Columns formed over 80 million years ago
  • Included Tour of the Admiral Gardens.
  • Included Photography remote and rugged vistas - like Petre Bay, towards the Red Bluffs.
  • Included Explore the tiny settlement of Waitangi
  • Included Mount Manganui Stone Cottage visit
  • Included Explore Port Hutt fishing village and will see the wreckage of HMNZS Thomas Currell
  • Included Special visit to Kōpinga Marae, the only Moriori marae in the world
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