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A country full of history, Nicaragua has a lot to offer. From the preserved colonial towns such as Granada or Leon to the lovely tropical beaches. For hiking lovers, there is the possibility to climb volcanoes.

Nicaragua, a country that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea overflows with natural beauty and incredible tourist sites. The country boasts pretty beaches, picturesque colonial towns, six active volcanoes and dense rainforests.

Visit extraordinary Ometepe Island formed by two joined volcanoes, located on the beautiful Lake Nicaragua. Enjoy the history of Leon, the former capital of Nicaragua and go volcano boarding. Explore the vibrant cities of Managua and Granada, famous for their beautiful churches and cosmopolitan ambience. Those looking for an ecotourism experience can visit Matagalpa, an area of beautiful mountain scenery and stunning cloud forest at 1200 m above sea level.

Nicaragua is a beautiful and unforgettable holiday destination!


When is the best time to visit Nicaragua?

The best time to visit Nicaragua is November through April, during the dry season. The rainy season runs from May to November. 

Is it safe to travel in Nicaragua?

Tourists anywhere are prime targets for criminals; therefore you need to be aware of the risks of theft and need to make sure to protect yourself. There are parts of Nicaragua that are unsafe for tourists to visit, but in the majority of the country, especially along the tourist trail it is safe.

Some safety notes: do not take your valuables with you, leave them locked in a safety deposit box. Keep your spending money, camera and phone close to you, preferably beneath clothing. Do not go to areas where tourists are not expected; always use taxis with official identification.

What power adaptor plug do I need for Nicaragua?

In Nicaragua the standard voltage is 120 V. The standard frequency is 60 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type A. 

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Some of the main Attractions

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Ometepe Island is the highlight of Nicaragua, formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua surrounded by tropical rainforests, nature is abundant in this fertile area. Enjoy hiking on a volcano or simply relax on the lovely tropical beaches.

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The city with cosmopolitan ambiance has remarkable colonial architecture, many museums and some famous and beautiful churches like Cathedral of Granada and La Merced, one of the oldest churches in Central America.

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Leon is home to stunning churches, fabulous art collections, cosmopolitan eateries and buzzing nightlife. Leon is a city filled with history and is one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements in the Americas, with the ruins of Leon.

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The Corn Islands

Slow down the pace of life on these beautiful Caribbean islands. Located 70 kilometres (43 miles) from the mainland, Big Corn Island is best reached by plane from Managua. Explore the beaches, or dive in the ocean teeming with colourful marine life.

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Masaya Volcano

You can hike or drive up to the rim of this active volcano, a day trip from Managua. Smell the sulfur as you witness the molten lava lake at the centre of the Santiago crater. Visit at night to see the lava glowing in the dark.

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San Juan del Sur

A small fishing town on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Enjoy excellent fresh local seafood and explore the surrounding beaches to relax or surf.

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