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Tour Description

Start your Antarctica cruise in Ushuaia sailing the Beagle Channel surrounded by mountains. As you sale towards the Falkland Islands, several species of Albatross will likely follow you on your Antarctica voyage.

Day three we land on the Falkland Islands to witness an abundance of wildlife. There is a chance you will see different species of dolphins and perhaps whales. During this solar eclipse Antarctica cruise, you may have the opportunity to visit Carcass Island, famous for its birdlife. Saunders Islands and its many penguin species are also included in the itinerary. The cruise ship will visit South Georgia sailing to Fortuna Bay and its various penguins and seals, Salisbury Plain home to the three largest king penguin colonies in South Georgia and breeding elephant seals. This is a great opportunity to see four-ton bulls fight over territories and dominance over pregnant females. The solar eclipse Antarctica cruise will also visit Grytviken and Cooper Bay.

Travelling through sea ice and onto the Weddell Sea, the cruise ship will position itself right in the centre of the moon's shadow for when the Antarctica solar eclipse occurs. 

Depending on weather conditions, the Antarctica solar eclipse cruise will then sail to Antarctica, past enormous icebergs. The next few days we will land on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula, visit Elephant Island and cross the Antarctic Sound to the volcanic South Shetland Islands.

The solar eclipse cruise will then depart, sailing the Drake Passage heading for Ushuaia.

Viva's Best Bits...

Witness vast varieties of different penguin species in their colonies

Experiance a total solar eclipse in a unique environment

Get up close with wildlife, still unafraid of humans

Tour Itinerary

Day 1-3
Ushuaia Falkland Islands

Begin your Antarctica solar cruise from Ushuaia. Sail through the night landing on the Falkland Islands on day 3. The Falkland Islands offer the chance to experience an abundance of wildlife including dolphins and king penguins.

Weather depending the cruise ship will be able to visit Carcass Island and Saunders Island.

Day 3-5
Falkland Islands Port Stanley

Land at the capital of the Falkland Islands which offers Victorian charm, colourful houses and great pubs. There is an interesting museum to visit here and Port Stanley is well worth wandering around.

Day 5-7
Port Stanley South Georgia

Crossing the Antarctic Convergence - where nutritious waters rise to the surface attracting seabirds - you will have the chance to see species of albatross.

Day 7-12
South Georgia Weddell Sea

Arriving at South Georgia, weather depending, you may get to visit Fortuna Bay, Salisbury Plain, St. Andrews Bay, Gold Harbour, Grytviken and Cooper Bay. Taking Zodiac excursions to see penguins, seals and elephant seals.

You can also follow the final leg of Shackleton’s route to the abandoned whaling village of Stromness, South Georgia Museum as well as Shackleton’s grave before heading out to sea and perhaps through sea ice.

Day 12-13
Weddell Sea pack ice total solar eclipse

The ship positions itself right in the centre of the moon's shadow for the best view of the eclipse.

Day 13-17
Weddell Sea pack ice Antarctic Peninsula

Sail past massive icebergs and into the Weddell Sea - weather depending and past tabular icebergs. There are a few possible stops including Paulet Island, Brown Bluff or the Antarctic Sound where you could get a chance to set foot on Antarctica.

If the conditions are not favourable the Antarctica cruise ship will set course for Elephant Island, into the Bransfield Strait and towards South Shetlands and Deception Island.

Your last activities before venturing into the Drake Passage are likely to find you around the northern Gerlache Strait.

Day 18-19
Deception Island, Ushuaia

Return voyage across the Drake Passage.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 Plancius cruise ship
  • Included Copy 20 All meals throughout the voyage
  • Included Copy 20 Snacks, coffee and tea
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 All shore excursions and activities
  • Included Copy 20 Lectures from noted naturalists and experienced expedition staff
  • Included Copy 20 Rubber boots and snowshoes
  • Included Copy 20 Luggage transfer from pick-up point to the vessel
  • Included Copy 20 Pre-scheduled group transfer from the vessel to the airport
  • Included Copy 20 All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges
  • Included Copy 20 Comprehensive pre-departure material
  • Included Copy 7 Airfares
  • Included Copy 7 Pre- and post-land arrangements
  • Included Copy 7 Transfers to the vessel in Ushuaia and Ascension and from the vessel in Ascension and Praia;
  • Included Copy 7 Airfare taxes and visas
  • Included Copy 7 meals ashore
  • Included Copy 7 Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance
  • Included Copy 7 Bar, beverage charges and telecommunication charges
  • Included Copy 7 Customary gratuity at the end of the voyages for stewards and other service personnel aboard


  • Included Landing on the Falkland Islands for wildlife experiences
  • Included Visits to large penguin colonies
  • Included Lectures from naturalists
  • Included Porting in Port Stanley
  • Included Landings on South Georgia
  • Included Walk the final leg of Shackleton’s route
  • Included Elephant seal colonies visit
  • Included Zodiac cruises
  • Included Perfect positioning for the solar eclipse
  • Included Landing on Antarctica
  • Included Excursions on the South Shetland Islands
  • Included Visit Shackleton’s grave
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