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Tour Description

Magical ice floes, breathtaking glaciers and impressive fjords await on this incredible journey through the west coast of Spitsbergen. On board Le Boreal, you will find the upmost degree of luxury and elegance as you traverse into the heart of the Svalbard Archipelago. Departing from Tromsø, you will head to Bear Island, a haven for sea birds, before reaching the impressive fjord system of Hornsund. As you sail into the Arctic Far North you will embrace the sights of magnificent glaciers, massive icebergs and incredible bays as you cross incredible destinations including Magdalena Bay, the 14th of July Glacier and the colourful former mining town of Longyearbyen. This is a truly remarkable journey to one of the most remarkable gems of the Arctic.

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Explore the Arctic region on small boats and shore excursions.

Discover the unique beauty and meet the wildlife of the Arctic.

Sail through the incredibly diverse landscapes of Spitsbergen.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Paris Embarkation in Tromsø

Please note your cruise price includes a flight from Paris to Tromso on embarkation day. We highly recommend you arrive in Paris the day before this flight. Embarkation is scheduled between 4 and 5 pm with departure scheduled for 10 pm.
In the north of the Arctic circle you’ll discover Tromsø, a secluded town located in the county of Troms. Norwegians call it the “Paris of the north”. You’ll soon see why when you discover its extensive neoclassical architectural heritage. A stunning example is the Arctic cathedral, a major monument whose stylistic purity echoes the outline of the mountains surrounding the town.

Day 2
Lilliehöök Glacier

Welcome to Cross Bay’s décor of plutonic rocks and tundra. Admire the immense expanses of flowers that cover the mountain slopes, amidst 14 Alpine glaciers plunging majestically into the sea. In this setting of wild beauty, which endemic wildlife has chosen to call home, set off to discover the sublime Lilliehöök Glacier. Located in the fjord of the same name, it forms a kind of circle and its front is 7 km wide. As you approach it, you will fall under the spell of the icebergs floating around it, like jewels bedecking the magical waters of the Arctic. Walruses, sea birds, seals and Svalbard reindeer will perhaps accompany as you explore these unique places.

Day 3
Sailing by Bjørnøya

Halfway between Norway and Spitsbergen, you will sail not far from the coastlines of Bjørnøya, the southernmost island of Svalbard. From your ship, observe this isolated piece of land discovered in 1596 by the Dutch navigator Willem Barents, then looking for the Northwest Passage. Following a tough fight between a polar bear and the members of the expedition, he dubbed the place Bear Island. Regularly covered by a thick layer of fog, Bjørnøya shelters a meteorological station built in 1923, which is still in operation. Declared a nature reserve in 2002, the island is above all home to an enormous colony of sea birds: skuas, guillemots, puffins, Tridactyl gulls, petrels, gulls and little auks all coexist here.

Day 4

Nestling between millennial glaciers and carved mountains, and considered to be “the crown of Arctic Norway”, Spitsbergen is a place that never sees the night. Your ship will take you closer to this fascinating archipelago and, more particularly, the Hornsund fjord. Considered to be Svalbard’s southernmost fjord, it is especially reputed to be its most stunning: at the end of its vast bay, 8 great glaciers slowly make their way down to the sea before giving way to the many icebergs elegantly drifting along its cold and mysterious waters.

Day 5
Gasbergkilen & Recherchefjorden

During your cruise, set off to discover Recherchefjorden, located to the south of Bellsund. You will land on a beach that is home to several cabins dating from the era of the Northern Exploration Company (NEC). This company was founded in 1910 by Ernest Mansfield, a man who hoped to benefit from mineral exploration. The gold and coal rushes lasted ten years and came to nothing. These houses, a boat, some barrels and a winch are the last remnants of the a bygone era in Spitsbergen. Not far from there, a plateau of tundra covered in purple campion awaits you, regularly frequented by reindeer and Arctic foxes.

Day 6
Magdalenfjorden & Ytre Norskoya

Nestling in north western Spitsbergen, Magdalena Bay is one of Svalbard’s unmissable sites. In a spectacular landscape of snow-topped Alpine mountains, deep fjords, beaches and majestic glaciers, it offers multiple opportunities for wonderment. We will not be surprised to observe whales, walruses, seals, common eiders, terns, polar bears and Arctic foxes there.
At first sight, the small island of Ytre Norskøya seems to be a sterile and arid land. But once you are ashore, you will be welcomed by a thick carpet of golden moss, dotted with pygmy buttercups, Svalbard poppies and lichen. On the beach are the remains of the ovens that were used to melt whale blubber, precious evidence of the history of the whalers who came and set up in this area as of the 17th century.

Day 7
Sailing Ice Fjord of Greenland

The north-east of Greenland is renowned for being home to one of the oldest and thickest layers of ice on the planet. Aboard your ship, you will have the unique opportunity of sailing to the heart of this icy wilderness, many thousands of years old, and will notably travel along the coast of the North-East Greenland National Park, recognised as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. From your ship, you will also discover Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord in the world. In this pure and preserved world, you will see abundant wildlife in a landscape of tundra and ice, a real delight for the eyes and for photographers.

Day 8
Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen

During your cruise, discover Ny-Ålesund, a former mining town that has been transformed into a scientific base. Founded in 1916, this small town was the departure point for many Arctic expeditions, including those of the famous explorer Roald Amundsen. Don't miss a visit to the museum and its famous post office, considered to be the most northerly in the world!

Day 9
Disembarkation in Longyearbyen Paris

Disembarkation is scheduled for 7 am. Upon disembarkation you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight to Paris.
Longyearbyen is the capital of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, located on Svalbard’s main island, and is the northernmost territorial capital on the planet. With winter temperatures dropping to below 40°C, the landscapes of this mining town are simply breathtaking. The glaciers, the mountains stretching as far as the eye can see and the untouched nature, make you feel like you’re in completely unexplored territory.

What’s Included

  • Included Copy 20 Cabin accommodation on board Le Boreal
  • Included Copy 20 All meals whilst on board
  • Included Copy 20 All drinks (excluding premium brands)
Fees & Services
  • Included Copy 20 Guiding and lectures by English speaking expedition leader and team
  • Included Copy 20 All port & landing fees
  • Included Copy 20 Expedition jacket provided
  • Included Copy 20 A pair of expedition boots for use during your voyage
  • Included Copy 20 All scheduled landings/excursions
  • Included Copy 20 Flight from Paris to Tromsø
  • Included Copy 20 Flight from Longyearbyen to Paris
  • Included Copy 7 Personal expenses
  • Included Copy 7 Gratuities for the crew
  • Included Copy 7 Pre or post cruise travel expenses
  • Included Copy 7 Airfare to embarkation city
  • Included Copy 7 Visa fees (if applicable)
  • Included Copy 7 Travel insurance
  • Included Copy 7 Optional activities
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