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A little bit about Family, Friends and Team Building Tours

Take a trip with your friends or bring the whole family to explore on a child-friendly adventure.
We also have some incredible team building packages for small to medium sized businesses.

Travel with your friends

Some of the most fun holidays are those we take with our friends. Sharing experiences, creating memories while discovering new places, what could be better. Our team of travel specialist will work with you to create your perfect trip, whether you want an adventure or something a bit more relaxing, the choice is yours and we will make it happen. 

Family holidays

Spending the holidays with family and sharing the experiences with loved ones are what we aim for on our adventurous family tours. We design itineraries for families with children of all ages and offer an exciting, inspiring and enriching experience throughout. Trips that let the children discover the planet and be curious about their surroundings will always stay in their memory. Families with kids can enjoy horse rides, jungle walks, learn new languages and immerse themselves in a new and different culture. We have plenty of experience travelling with kids and we know the best places to go and activities to do as well as great family friendly accommodation.  Your kids will never forget the new things they see and learn, and the memories of a family trip will last forever!

Team building

For small to medium businesses in New Zealand we provide tailored team building weekends. We work with you to understand your business, your people and your desired outcomes, and we make it fun!  We will take care of transport, accommodation, activities and excursions and can also facilitate your team building sessions.  We have a range of business specialists and keynote speakers that can come along to help develop your team and your company culture.    

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