Cuba Tours Visas (Tourist Cards)

viva and cuba

Viva Expeditions are legally authorised by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, Consular Section in Wellington, New Zealand to provide Cuba tourist visas (tourist cards) in New Zealand.


The tourist visa or tourist card is only for purposes of tourism to Cuba. It is valid for one single entrance into national territory for a 30-day trip and can be extended for an additional 30 days at the office in the hotel where one has accommodations or with the immigration authority. Minors must have their own tourist card even if they are travelling under their parents’ passport(s).

To obtain this visa these documents are required:

  1. Signed and completed application form - 1 for each applicant.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM
  2. Copy of valid passport (your passport must be valid for 6 months from the end date of your trip).
  3. Flight itinerary (to and from Cuba). Your itinerary must have your name and show flights in and out of Cuba.
  4. Accommodation booked (proof of at least the first three nights). If you are booking a tour, please include tour itinerary stating that the accommodation is included, and preferably with information regarding the accommodation for the first three nights.
  5. Fee of $110.00 NZD per application (fee includes postage and packaging). Please make the payment into our bank account # 02-1298-0049126-001 (which is in the name of Viva Expeditions) and use your surname as reference. We do not accept cash, EFTPOS, credit card or cheque. Please note that the payment is required to process the visa, so please do it in advance.

 Please send the required documentation as outlined above by email to  

You should receive your Cuba tourist card within 14 days and be advised that the process starts once we have all of the documentation and the fee is paid.

This visa will be valid for 30 days upon entrance into Cuba.

We do not need health insurance for the visa process, but you will need it to enter Cuba. Travellers must have a travel insurance which covers medical expenses or a policy for medical expenses with coverage in Cuba.

Please feel free to enquire on any doubts you might have on the process.  Contact


•    For people travelling on a cruise:

The Cuban Tourist Cards we issue are SINGLE ENTRY.  Therefore, if you are going on a cruise, you will need a tourist card for each time you enter Cuba.  You will also need to complete an application form for each date. There is not a MULTI entry option. Please also check with the cruise line as they may offer a Cuba tourist card service on-board which may or may not be included with their cruise fare.

•    Entering Cuba from the USA

When entering Cuba directly from the USA neither Viva Expeditions nor the Cuban Embassy in Wellington can issue the required tourist card (which is pink in colour). This is to be issued by the airline at the time of check-in in the USA. For entry via any other country, we will provide a tourist card which is green in colour.  Travellers flying directly from the USA to Cuba will also be provided with an affidavit from the airline to sign, outlining their purpose of travel to Cuba.

Note:  If you require assistance with planning your trip to Cuba, bookings flights, accommodation or tour packages, or arranging travel insurance then we have a team of Cuba Travel Specialists available to assist you:

Phone: 09 950 5918