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Travelling to See the All Blacks in Argentina? What to see?

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  26 February 2019

Things to do in  Argentina if you're planning on seeing the All Blacks.

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Our mighty All Blacks are set to take on the Pumas once more in Argentina with a thrilling match set to play out in Buenos Aires on the 20th July 2019. If there are more exciting travel plans to make this year rather than an All Blacks rugby holiday in South America, we certainly couldn’t think of any! July is an exceptional time of year to visit South America (and Argentina in particular) and your options for a comprehensive tour in the continent are nearly endless. With direct flights linking Auckland and Buenos Aires and the latter being about the best springboard for South America adventures, this is really a once-in-a-lifetime chance no avid explorer should miss.

Wondering what you can add onto a visit to the spectacular Argentinian capital to see the All Blacks VS Puma match? Wonder no more!


 An amazing try scored by Rieko Ioane and set up by Waisake Naholo against Argentina 2018



What’s the weather like in South America in July?

July marks the heart of winter in the southern hemisphere and, as you’ll see on any map, this constitutes three-quarters of the continent. Winter is actually the best season to travel extensively through South America because what encumbers touring here is not the cold temps but the extensive summer rains. Dry but cold months gift unaffected hiking trails, clear roads, smooth flights and the bluest, clearest skies, every single day. Winter is amazing for stargazing in the Atacama and for hiking to Machu Picchu, not to mention much cooler temps in top-spots like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls which can be unbearably hot in summer.

Plus, if you stick to the northern regions of countries like Brazil and Ecuador, you’ll actually bag the best of both worlds: warm enough to enjoy a seaside escapade yet not so hot that you’ll want to hug the air-con unit in your hotel all day long.


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South America in July – The favourites & the underdogs

July falls in the middle of peak tourist season in most parts of South America. Not only because it coincides with the summer holiday period in the northern hemisphere but also because this season is the driest of all. The central Andean regions of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia can be toured extensively when rains are blissfully lacking in winter. The region you may want to avoid on your All Blacks South America holiday is the far south, Patagonia, as this southern belle enjoys very harsh winters. It’s quite amazing to experience the stark raw beauty of Patagonia in winter when it’s blanketed by a thick cover of snow – especially as you’ll feel like you have the place to yourself – and staying in one of the stunning luxury lodges that remain open all year is the stuff of dreams. A trip this far south, however, is very much the domain of discerning travellers looking for off-the-beaten-trail travels on their All Blacks holiday but it’s not ideal if you’re craving a lot of outdoor adventure – except if you’re looking for amazing skiing and snow-sledding adventures, of course!


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Another fantastic ‘off-season’ destination during the All Blacks VS Pumas game is Central America. Rain season in the tropics keeps most tourists away which translates to astonishing deals for those who do visit. Rains can be fierce but also short-lived and the consequential high swells make this the ideal time for surfers to visit.


The Best Places to Visit in July 2019, on an All Black holiday to South America



With daytime temps hovering around the 15C in July and crisp evenings and morning, July is the perfect month to visit a city that’s best explored on foot. Summer here can be overwhelmingly stuffy with temps in the high-30s making walking around a real chore. But BA in winter is a sparkler so make sure you include a few days’ sightseeing in the city during the All Blacks game-week. Iguazu Falls, the magnificent natural wonder bordering Brazil, is likewise great to visit this month, with daytime temps around 23C really adding to the overall enjoyment. Low-rain months means you won’t find Iguazu at its fullest (still mighty impressive) yet the lower humidity level will be your reward.


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Warm and delicious at any time of year, vibrant Rio de Janeiro is, much like BA, best visited in winter as the normally sweltering temps are kept at bay yet are high enough to enjoy a fantastic few days of beach-bumming. The Amazon rainforest and wildlife-brimming Pantanal are perhaps the best places to visit in Brazil in July, as low-water levels afford extensive walks – so skip this if you’re planning a cruising experience as you won’t be able to travel far along rivers – but consider a lodge-based wildlife journey instead. Trust us, you’ll really appreciate the (slightly) cooler temps, lower humidity, fewer mosquitos and clearer trails in both regions. Moreover, less water means wildlife is easier to spot as all those mesmerising creatures are enticed out of their hiding spots to drink on the edges of rivers. For the best wildlife experiences specifically, July is the best month of year to visit both Brazilian reserves.


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The famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the star of the South American how this month, as are all the major highlights in the central Andes. If you do have an aversion to crowds, do know that there’s a lot more to Peru than the Inca Trail so your hiking and touring options here are extensive.


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For stark cloudless skies and ease of travel, Bolivia is unmissable in July. You’ll experience low night-temps in this high-altitude country but what you’ll get in return is the stuff travel bucket-lists are made of. The jaw-dropping landscapes of the Altiplano and otherworldly scene of an arid Uyuni Salt Flat is about as good as an All Blacks holiday could ever get and, if you’re to add only one destination to your visit to Argentina in July, our money’s on Bolivia.


Piles of salt




Stargazing in the Atacama Desert of Chile is one of South America’s most unforgettable experience and, guess what? July is the best month to do that! Plan a whirlwind overland tour that starts from Uyuni in Bolivia, crosses the Bolivian Altiplano and Salt Flats and continues across the Chilean border to San Pedro de Atacama and you’ll bag one of the most epic road trips in the entire continent.


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Ecuador’s share of the central Andes makes it an excellent country to visit in July and this is just perfect if you dream of all those amazing mountains landscapes minus the at-times overwhelming crowd in Peru. Moreover, the northern Ecuadorian stretch of coast is more enticing this time of year so if you’re short on time and wish to choose one country for your Andes and beach days, Ecuador is it! Just off the coast is where you’ll find the Galapagos Islands, undoubtedly one of the world’s best wildlife-watching destinations. July sees these equatorial islands enjoying their dry spell which means blue skies, sunny days and spectacular photography. Temps range between 23 and 29C yet the cooling Humboldt current means the sea is cooler (which is fine as you’ll snorkel with wetsuits anyway) but also rougher. If you loathe exceptionally hot and humid travels, July is perfect for visiting the Galapagos, yet if you get seasick you may want to consider a lodge-based adventure rather than a small-ship cruise.


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We’ve got a ton of ideas for your upcoming All Blacks South America holiday – whether you want to tour extensively or just add a few days to your game-days in Buenos Aires, we’ll find the right destinations and activities to suit your specific interests.

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