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The unforgettable highlights of Patagonia small group tours

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  17 August 2017

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Patagonia Small Group Tours are the ideal way to explore one of the remotest and most rugged regions of South America. Read on to discover the most awe-inspiring highlights you can look forward to.

Wondering how many unforgettable highlights you can possibly fit into a Patagonia small group tour? The list is nearly endless! From the most famous to the most breathtaking, the most challenging and most delightfully decadent….here are best Patagonia experiences you can look forward to when heading to the end of the world in South America.

You’ll visit the best National Parks in all of South America

You may think this is a big call, but we’re certainly prepared to stand by our statement. Patagonia  IS home to the most spectacular  national parks in the whole continent and, in actual fact, you’d be hard pressed to find more exhilarating sights anywhere in the world. From the hanging glaciers of Queulat to the magnificent icy marvels of Los Glaciares, the opulent colours of  Tierra del Fuego and the imposing granite peaks of Torres del Paine, arguably the best wildlife-watching reserve of all: Patagonia is downright greedy when it comes to dramatic and utterly magnificent landscapes. Fervently protected and endlessly coveted, Patagonia’s national parks are the sparkling crowns that sustain all those individual treasures that have made this whole region so renowned and so beloved. Patagonia’s impressive mountains, the rugged steppe, those mesmerizing volcanoes and all those breathtaking glaciers, along with the thousands upon thousands of wildlife and fauna species that thrive in its endemic and eclectic ecosystems: all of these will be your daily treats as you explore the most astonishing national parks of them all.

You can find numerous National Parks in Patagonia

Your eyes will feast on an abundance of wildlife

Patagonia’s immense biodiversity showcases a colossal array of wildlife. For some, the unrivalled chance for unique wildlife-watching adventures is a major player in their choosing a Patagonia small group tour, while for others, it’s an immensely rewarding bonus. For whether you seek them out or not, the unique animals of Patagonia will find you. From dolphins and whales migrating off the shores of the Valdes Peninsula  to the mind-boggling colonies of seals, sea lions and penguins of the mainland’s southern shores. Sightings of iconic herds of guanacos and deer, soaring condors, chubby maras, pungent skunks and even some of the more elusive species, like the Patagonian Puma and Grey Fox are daily highlights here. The sheer variety of wildlife makes Patagonia an exceptional animal-lover’s mecca.

Wildlife-watching is always a marvelous experience

You’ll undertake some truly incredible road trips

It is often said that enjoying the journey, and not just anticipating the destination, is half the rewards of road trips, and never is this more apt than when driving through Patagonia. The beauty of this region is that the endless horizons dotted with glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains and enchanted forests play before as on an IMAX mega screen as you travel along, except here the colours are more vivid and the experience all the more soul-reviving. This region is traversed by two iconic roadways: the Carretera Austral – which extends more than 1,200km through some of Chilean Patagonia’s most rugged landscapes – and Routa 40, the legendary Argentinian counterpart which stretches for more than 5,000km in its entirety and hugs the eastern flanks of the Andes for the entire way. The latter is considered South America’s answer to ‘Route 66’, although in our view offers a much more enticing, nature-infused experience, least of all because not all of it is perfectly asphalted! Routa 40 crosses almost 30 Andean passes and traverses more than 20 national parks and just as many major Patagonian rivers. For discerning adventure seekers, the chance to spend days exploring the wilds of Patagonia on these ‘highways’ with not a sign of modern civilization around, is a much salivated-about highlight. As it deservingly should be.

Drive through the wilderness on the mythic Carretera Austral

You’ll have copious chances to ‘stretch those legs’

Fantastic scenery on unforgettable drives along crazy roads notwithstanding, you’ll probably want to get out and stretch your legs occasionally. Well….you’ve come to the right place. The rugged world of Patagonia is not for sissies nor is it, might we add, for sofa-travellers. This is a magical place that sucks you right in and even if you’ve never hiked a single day in your life, you’ll want to tighten those shoe laces, don that warm jacket and get out there and live it for a while. On Patagonia small group tours, the options for active pursuits are abundant. This is one of the most popular trekking and mountaineering destinations on the planet and even if your fitness levels, or your inclinations, don’t extend much beyond your ability to walk up to a sensational viewpoint, you’ll still have plenty to do. In Patagonia, you can walk on icefields and glaciers, you can hike up volcanoes, you can kayak in glacial lakes, you can paraglide, horseback-ride, mountain-bike and you can even indulge in two highly addictive and famous Patagonian extreme sports: wine tasting and parrilla feasting. And if all of this is not an exciting highlight, then we don’t know what is!

You are going on an adventure in Patagonia

You can tick off some BIG name gems off your bucket-list

Perhaps you’ve heard of these places before. You’ve maybe seen documentaries about them, or seen movies based on them, or heard their names mentioned, in passing, by someone who has been. Fact is, Patagonia boasts some of South America’s most astonishing sights: big-name attractions that rate as some of the most precious bucket-list items on our planet. The granite peaks of Torres del Paine, for example, often considered the ultimate poster-child for Patagonia travels, or mighty Mt Fitzroy, for years considered insurmountable. The extraordinary Perito Moreno Glacier, the third-largest freshwater reservoir in the world but only 1 of almost 50 glaciers in Patagonia, and Ushuaia, the City at the End of the World…that last dot of our modern world before the overwhelming beauty of Antarctica beckons. Traveling to Patagonia, or anywhere else for that matter, is certainly not about ticking ‘lists’ but there’s no denying the sheer magnetic pull of the region’s sparkling stars.

Perito Moreno Glacier is unmissable

You’ll discover a million other highlights along the way

We’re almost tempted not to mention all the incredible ‘in-between’ experiences you’ll undoubtedly enjoy on your Patagonia small group tour, for fear of spoiling the surprise. But we’re never ones to hold back on info! From blissfully quiet lunch-spots in the heart of stunning landscapes to mouth-watering local culinary specialties, be it a seafood fine-dining night in Ushuaia or an orgasmic chocolate feast in Bariloche. Having time and peace to be with your own thoughts while you cast your eyes on glorious scenery. Making new friends, sometimes lifelong friends, and sharing some of the most intense travel experiences of your life with like-minded people. Feeling safe, and exhilarated, and incredibly fulfilled. Spending days in the at-times inhospitable end of our world, and retreating to your sumptuous accommodation at night. Sipping a drop of the world’s best wine, right in the land where it is lovingly grown and made. Soaking up some of the most sensational sunsets you’ll ever see. These are the things that will stay with you most, long after you’ve returned home.

Patagonia will leave you unforgettable memories

These are all the things that make Patagonia small group tours the treasured highlights they are.

Dreaming of a Patagonia experience that’s sure to stay embedded in your heart forever? Then dream no more. Check out all the amazing Patagonia tours we offer, and can personally tailor, and come see this magnificent splendour with your own eyes.

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