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Patagonia: Flavio's Photo Journey

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  6 December 2019

Cruising and hiking in Patagonia!


Our very own Flavio Stadnik lead a group to Patagonia, an adventure filled with incredible views, zodiac expeditions, horse rides and hikes. The group experienced Argentinean cooking with Fernando Mayoral, a chef that has cooked in some of the world’s best restaurants, including the three-starred Michel Bras in France.

They departed on an adventurous five-day, four-night cruise with Australis between Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas (Chile). Sailing through some of the planet's most remote places and incredible scenery was a favourite with a few of the group. Watch the video below.

The group headed inland to the world-famous, Torres del Paine, a national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia. They explored the park and its jaw-dropping landscapes and enjoyed one of the great hikes on offer!

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San Telmo Cuisine

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Experience Argentinian cooking

Experience Argentinian cooking

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Cruise to Punta Arenas

Cruise to Punta Arenas

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Dominic Sutton from House of Travel Hamilton City said "Onboard the Stella Australis it truly felt like we had sole occupancy of the Patagonia region. A real highlight for me was our time spent in Zodiacs at the base of the Condor Glacier in the Agostini Sound. With less than five zodiacs in the water, each with a maximum occupancy of 8 people we got an up-close and personal encounter unrivalled even by Alaska's Glacier Bay."

An Australis cruise includes twin-share cabin, sea transportation, all meals, open bar when on duty (without additional cost for wines, beverages, and liquors), Daily land excursions and the all-important whisky and hot chocolate during those cold excursions.

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Flavio said, "The view is truly astounding. Looking through the valley at the three towers rising in the west, the Paine river Valley and Laguna Azul in the east, lakes Nordenskjöld and Sarmiento in the south. You can see for miles!". The group stayed in the Las Torres hotel, which offers different activities with different levels for all types of guests. Activities include hiking, horseback riding, van or motorboat excursions.

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If you are not a massive fan of hiking you can take a horse ride to see Torres del Paine's three towers. Bev Ellis from helloworld Strandon said, "horseback riding and climbing the mountain to view the Towers for a full day was a view you cannot explain in words, one must attempt to achieve this challenge to fully appreciate the view in Torres del Paine National Park, of sheer beauty."

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