South America

Dream Photography Trips: South America

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  23 June 2017

A unique experience for photography lovers through stunning colorful landscapes.

Planning your dream holiday around the photos you want to take is on many a photographer's bucket list and South America will not disappoint. The continent is perfect for capturing not only the landscapes but the riotous colours of the markets, the ancient architecture, the hand woven tapestries, the many life-affirming festivals, the only found here exotic wildlife, and of course the people.

Our top four recommendations for your dream photography trip are:

Peruvian Andes

The diverse landscape and intense colours on display in the Peruvian Andes makes this our first pick. Head to Cusco  and you will find communities who honour the traditions and still dress in the colourful customary garments of their ancestors, each village offering a new and unique tableau. It is a kaleidoscope of cultural colour which will have you happily snapping away. 


The beauty that awaits you in Patagonia will not only take your breath away but will have you needing more memory cards. From the gravity defying granite spires to the beautiful wildlife amongst the beautiful lakes and lush forests, autumn is a great time to attend (April) as the colours are intense. From deep greens through to brilliant orange and flaming reds, it is as if the landscape is on fire.


The Galapagos Islands

Pull out the lenses and head out for a walk and you will be astounded by the multitude and variety of rare wildlife that isn't afraid of people. Whether you sit back and take photos of tortoises by the water or stand on a hill and shoot vast beaches, the Galapagos will not disappoint.

The Uyuni Salt Flats

 The Uyuni Salt Flats are a photographer’s dream, and will bring out the avid photographer in even the most amateur photographer. The vast expanse of white provides magnificent reflections and the kind of optical illusion only found in superbly endless horizons. Salar Uyuni is a visual feast like no other.

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