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Chile Ranks #1 in the World in 2018!

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  26 October 2017

The most contrasting, rewarding and action-packed destinations in the world

Hot Off The Press! Lonely Planet ranks Chile the world’s #1 travel destination for 2018. Tell us something we didn’t know!

From the dramatic beauty of the Atacama to the spellbinding fjords of Patagonia, the world-class vineyard-drenched-valleys of Santiago and the phenomenal wildlife heaven of Torres del Paine: Chile is one of the most contrasting, rewarding and action-packed destinations in the world.

Welcome to the party, Lonely Planet!

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Discerning travellers, avid explorers and, let’s be brutally honest here, anyone who has not spent the last decade living under a rock, should certainly know that Chile is one of Latin America’s most kick-ass destinations. What we love about Chile is that it’s conveniently compact, being a narrow strip of amazing landscapes squeezed in between the mighty Pacific Ocean and imposing Andes mountain range. It offers much to the active traveller, the curious historian, the culture-nut and, let’s not forget, the dedicated foodie.

Chile offers arguably the easiest travel experience in South America, being hassle-free to reach from every corner of the globe, convenient to explore and boasting some of the best infrastructure in the whole continent. With its strong economy and stable politics, this has been the hub of choice for those who wish for an exotic Latin American experience, but one that also offers enough glitz and glamour to round off a stellar, adventure-filled journey.

Yet nowadays, travellers are finally realizing that Chile is so much more than a safe, reliable and yes, easy destination to discover.

This is a land of natural extremes and plentiful adventure.

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Chile’s Best Bits You Shouldn’t Miss

Patagonia – The entire southern Chilean region, in general, is a phenomenal place to explore and grants you access to Argentina’s revered southern highlights to boot. Scooting between borders and meandering from fantastic reserve to resplendent reserve is a wilderness lover’s dream. The Chilean side boasts breathtaking fjords, sparkling lakes and, of course, fascinating Easter Island with its mysterious giant Moai stone statues.

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The sensational splendours of the Torres del Paine National Park have been attracting serious hikers and nature lovers to Chilean Patagonia for years. Aside from the mesmerizing vastness of it all, visitors are enthralled by astounding granite peaks and impressive wildlife density. All of this helping to make Torres a much revered one-stop all-encompassing destination. If you see nothing else in Chile, if you’re short of time and are looking for just ONE place that will overwhelm all your senses….come here. See this.

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The Atacama Desert, in the northernmost border, is renowned as one of the world’s best stargazing destinations and is a totally alien world onto itself. An ethereal, fascinating world of crumbling peaks and endless red horizons, the Atacama boasts desert-dwelling towns, geysers and salt plains. A unique place one could get totally lost in, eternally. The Atacama is strategically located, right on the border with Bolivia’s fabled Uyuni Salt Flats. If you have time and are searching for an adventure-filled road trip of fabulous proportions, then hone in on this northern region of Chile.

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Culture lovers will be enthralled by Easter Island, an off-the-beaten-path destination that sees far fewer tourists than the mainland. Even though, to be honest, it is easy to reach via Santiago and actually boasts year-round mild temperatures, which is probably a surprise to many. Whilst the ancient Moai statues are what initially attract visitors, Easter Island boasts some gorgeous natural sights, with outstanding beaches, fantastic hiking and a flurry of active pursuits on offer. If you do make it over to Easter Island, make sure you have plenty of days up your sleeve to do the place justice.

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For an injection of glitzy big-city life, you can’t go past Santiago, arguably the most live able capital in South America. Santiago has it all: great architecture, amazing food, fascinating museums and – perhaps more importantly – an impressive array of brilliant destinations just outside its front door. The best wine regions and some of the world’s most coveted (like the Maipo Valley) are just outside the city’s borders, and make for delectable day-trip options. And if you head here in winter, you could be zooming down picturesque snow-covered slopes merely an hour after leaving town.

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Whilst we didn’t need Lonely Planet to know that Chile IS one of the world’s best travel destinations, we’re thrilled to see the country finally achieve the international recognition it so rightly deserves. So get there NOW, before the crowds descend on its most celebrated sights. You’ll be so very glad you did. Contact us for help in planning itineraries and bespoke tours of Chile…and beyond.

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