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Ahoy! 300 hundred years of sunken treasure found off the coast of Colombia…

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams  |  10 December 2015

Perhaps the largest discovery of sunken treasure ever!

An estimated 4 to 17 billion US dollars has been discovered near to Colombia's port city of Cartagena.

A lost ship called the San Jose was sunk in battle in 1708 against a British warship.
It has been rumoured that the treasure is made up of gold, silver, coins and gems that were all collected in the South American colonies and that the find may be the largest discovery of sunken treasure ever!

“Great news! Tweets Colombian President Jaun Manuel, we have found the San Jose Galleon.”
Santos adds that finding the lost wreck “constitutes one of the greatest – if not the biggest, as some say – discoveries of submerged patrimony in the history of mankind.”

It will be interesting to see how the spoils are shared due to the long and ongoing dispute of who owns the San Jose. Colombia  claims they own the ship while a US – based salvage company Sea Search Armada (SSA) begs to differ. SSA says’ in 1981 it had located the area in which the ship sank” Thirty years ago it was agreed that they SSA and the government would split any spoils that were discovered. Now in 2015 the government says any treasure will belong to Colombia.

Only time will tell, but for the moment we wait to see the incredible bounty of the lost San Jose.

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