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7 Reasons Small Group Tours Are The Genius Way to Discover Patagonia

Laura Pattara

Laura Pattara  |  6 June 2017

Why a small group tour is the best way to explore this remote region

Patagonia is an insanely rewarding and magnificent destination, a spectacularly rugged frontier where wildlife runs free, glaciers majestically calve and vertiginous peaks beg to be hiked. A vast expanse of wilderness whose latitude makes it a harsh and at-times inhospitable place, this is not just one of the most enticing travel destinations in all of South America but also one of the most challenging. But that’s half the appeal, isn’t it? This ain’t no place for armchair travellers. And it’s precisely in a destination such as this, that an organised small group tour can save the day.

This group is having fun in Patagonia

So take the worry out of your trip, squeeze every unforgettable experience into your days and don’t waste your precious spare time worrying about the whats, wheres, whens and hows. Only then, will you be free free to discover one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth. No holds barred.

Here are 7 reasons small group tours are the genius way to discover Patagonia:

1.    You can let someone else worry about logistics and save your valuable time

Independent travel can certainly be very rewarding but, let’s be honest: if you’ve tackled an overseas trip on your own before, you’ll know the obscene amount of time you need to spend on researching, booking, confirming, triple-checking, finding things to do and see, reading recommendations for places and scouring the web for articles about your chosen destination. AAAAND…that’s even before you leave home! Once there, all that work is done again, especially if you travel to a remote, hard-to-reach destination. Patagonia small group tours offers undoubtedly the best use of your valuable time, and this is genius if you actually don’t have a lot of free time, both at home and on your actual trip. Once you put some research into finding a reputable and expert tour company, and find an ideal tour that ticks all your boxes, that’s it: you can literally sit back and let them do all the work. They’ve already been there and done that, they know the best way to get there, how long the drive takes, where you should have lunch on the way, the best things to see and do along the journey and, more importantly, EVERYTHING that needs to be pre-booked, pre-arranged and double-checked. Want a stress-free journey of discovery through one of the most awe-inspiring destinations on earth? Then a small group tour is going to tick all your boxes.

Patagonia has a lot to offer

2.    Patagonia small group tours allow you to see more in less time

The genius of a small group tour in Patagonia becomes glaringly obvious when you just look at a map, and consider the destination. Take a Punta Arenas (Chile) to El Calafate (Argentina) trip as an example of a popular tour itinerary - because it offers arguably the two best Patagonia highlights along the way: the Perito Moreno Glacier and the formidable Torres del Paine National Park. Now, dip your toes into some research and you’ll soon discover the 101 conundrums that you’ll have to solve in order to do that on your own. What are your transport options? Is there even public transport in Patagonia? Can you rent a car in one country and drop it off in the next? How accessible is fuel along the way? What conditions are the roads? What happens if you break down? How much time will you waste crossing the border? Do I have to buy extra insurance? How prohibitively expensive is car rental, anyway? How much is it all going to cost for transport, entry fees, meals, accommodation and excursions? And on and on and on. All this….for the 5-6 days you have at your disposal?! The reason we know how immensely painful it is to try and organize that Patagonia travel origami on you own, is because we’ve been there, and done that. And that’s why we know that organised small group tours really are a genius way to discover Patagonia. Which brings us to the next point…

Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime

3.    You have an expert and knowledgeable guide at your beck and call

When looking into  small group tours in Patagonia, you’ll want to find a company that’s been created and is run by a group of enthusiastic people who know what they’re talking about. Someone who indeed has been there, done that, and solved all the issues, and offers comprehensive itineraries, tailor-made for your likes and wishes. And, perhaps more importantly, offers so much more than you could ever master independently. Having an expert guide and driver at your beck and call is probably the best ace up your sleeve: a team of passionate Patagonia-lovers who speak your lingo, get things done, and show you the best highlights of this totally amazing destination.

One of our fantastic guides will assist you during your discovery of Patagonia

4.    Safety in numbers - it’s the safest way to travel

Travel to any remote part of the world and safety is usually at the forefront of your mind.  Patagonia small group tours offer extra peace of mind and knowing you have a team of experts on site ready to tackle any potential dangers simply means more enjoyment and less worry for you. Nothing untoward much happens here (in fact, Patagonia is one of the world’s safest regions) yet if something should happen – it is wild country, after all, and injuries are not totally unheard of – it’s nice to know there’s someone there to take care of you and all the logistics that go along with an unexpected accident. This added safety is one of the best bonuses many people don’t even consider before booking.

Creating new friendships are easy on a small group tour

5.    You can be sure of comfort and luxury

Worried about the level of comfort and luxuries you’ll find in Patagonia? Not too keen on winging it and, if necessary, roughing it? Find a  Patagonia small group  tour that offers your level of comfort and you’ll never have to worry that you’ll be forced to build your own cave out of tree-twigs at the end of a full day’s hike just because the refugio is booked out. We’ve got your back! And your crisp fresh linen, sumptuous meal and glass of Chilean vino for dinner. Oh, and a deep tissue massage at a blissful spa if you wish. You’re welcome.

The Singular Hotel in Patagonia

6.    You could actually save money

If you’ve previously travelled through Patagonia you may already be aware of just how expensive this corner of South America can be. It’s unsurprising really, considering the remoteness of the region. With Patagonia small group tours, companies take advantage of their reputation (and sheer number of tourists they bring to the region every year) to secure special rates for just about everything. This cost-sharing bonus is what makes an organised tour immensely affordable and, more often than not, cheaper than many could ever manage on their own, if not only marginally more expensive. Moreover, knowing exactly what is included in the price (like meals, accommodation, excursions, park entry fees and so on) is a transparent way to know exactly how much your entire trip will cost, from beginning to end. Budgeting for your travels, and maximising the value of your hard-earned holiday funds, is infinitely easier when you have a clear total amount with which to work.

Are you ready to have lunch in the wonderful wilderness?

7.    Size really does matter!

Patagonia small group tours are a prime example of the fact that size matters. Really. This is the most pivotal point of all: don’t get stuck on a bus with 50 people of wildly different ages and interests. Hone in on YOUR interests and travel styles and find a company offering only small group tours, tailor-made for a specific target market. Only this way can you be sure that your guide will have your undivided attention and that you’ll travel with an intimate small group of like-minded explorers.

Embark on a small group tour with Viva Expeditions

Here at Viva Expeditions, we pride ourselves in taking the worry out of your trip and organize comprehensive Patagonia Small Group Tours which include transfers, accommodation, internal flights, itineraries, excursions, meals and every other minuscule detail that translates in YOU having the time of your life, for however long you have, through one of the remotest regions in the world.

And best part? We come along for the ride! Contact us for more info.

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